Normal spent $20,000 anyway

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Town of Normal picked their assistant City Manager to replace Mark Peterson.  Evidently the search firm they hired couldn’t find anybody better than Pamela Reece.  They throw away $20,000 to find that out though.  Is Bloomington going to throw away money too?  Steve Rasmussen is right there in front of them!



14 thoughts on “Normal spent $20,000 anyway

  1. Throwing good money after bad is a prerequisite for the job. I’d be surprised if Bloomington gets off this reasonably. They search process will cost at least twice this much.

  2. Due diligence. I think it is fine spending that money. They probably spend 10 times that filling foia requests….most of which are generated from this site.

    1. They’d spend a lot less on FOIAs if they stopped deceiving taxpayers. The local sockpuppet media will never dig or question our dear leaders.

    1. At least three speakers at Public Comment last night recommended hiring Steve, which would be another cost savings. His contract can be written for any length of time. Bringing in a newbie during a fiscal crisis is no a wise decision.

  3. I feel no matter which way the City went , we were going to see these same types of comments. What would these same folks be saying if Normal brought in another outsider? Keep in mind that the City would most likely pay all moving expenses and motel costs before the move. She is already here, moving costs saved, motel costs saved and might be some travel expense saved too. These alone will make a very large dent in that 20 grand.

  4. Bottom line. THEY KNOW what already NEEDS to be done. But unfortunately they can’t fire the elected ones..

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