Matt Sorensen: He knew

Sorensen is responsible for your property taxes going up. Just a reminder.


By:  Diane Benjamin

Last November a vote by the County Board resulted in a property tax increase when a vote to dip into LARGE reserves was defeated.  Matt Sorensen voted NO to break a tie:

The financial statements as of 12/31/2015 have been issued (CAFR).  I’ve barely begun reviewing the 221 pages, but this paragraph jumped out:


Now you can see why some County Board members wanted to use reserves instead of raising taxes!

34% of the General Fund in Reserves!

Let’s review which Board members thought they had more of a right to your money than you do: (from the link above)


Since the vote to use reserves failed, property tax rates were increased to balance the budget.

So, what did Sorensen know when he essentially voted to raise taxes – followed shortly thereafter by both Bloomington and Normal raising Sales Tax?


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3 thoughts on “Matt Sorensen: He knew

  1. For the love of God, would someone explain to me why I am forced to submit any portion my property and labor to this ongoing criminal enterprise we call ‘government’?


    1. The Pigs must be fed well, they do all of the important work of the farm… (Animal Farm reference there) In the case of our local government that means fed literally as well as figuratively. As government grows it get hungrier and hungrier, they dream up all sorts of ways to involve themselves into EVERYTHING so they too, and their pets can get a piece of every pie. When everything comes under government – those IN government or closely connected to government do much better – Ever notice that as soon as the government gets involved in anything the price sky rockets? If government connected contractor builds something that company gets paid FAR more than would an independent doing the same job – when the government manages to make it so THEY get to build more (or be in on more) and more then they and their pets make more – it’s deeper and uglier than many people can even imagine.


      1. ” it’s deeper and uglier than many people can even imagine”

        I’ll see your Animal Farm and raise you an Orwell, by stating that ignorance is bliss!


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