BARTO – press release #2

I posted the last statement issued by BARTO, so here’s the latest:



10 thoughts on “BARTO – press release #2

  1. License fees have not gone up in years.

    If these folks want to appoint someone rub for mayor.

    License holders have no say in who regulates them period.

    What a bunch of whiners…no wonder you support them.

    BTW how about BARTO paying for the extra police? That’s a laugh.

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    1. In the new Press release, BARTO is simply stating their plan to investigate the facts regarding fee increases. The City has a tendency to misrepresent information. Just because fees have not gone up for many years is not a justification to increase them. The City’s stated reason to increase liquor license fees is to pay for the Downtown Police Buy Back costs of $130,000.00/year. It seems reasonable to me for BARTO to do research as to a legitimate amount of increase. The Mayor has made public statements that any excess revenue from the proposed, substantial fee increase would be used for other downtown projects. That behavior is nefarious.


  2. Skunk hit the nail on the head. Why is it always increases? Why not decreases? The argument that fees haven’t been increased in years is immaterial.


    1. I’m not a fan of raising fees but how about charging users enough to cover the costs of the entertainment venues or other quality of life entities. Bar patrons are simply enjoying their choice of entertainment and contributing to the economic impact–not all customers are from Bloomington after all. Other businesses are subsidized in the name of economic development–subsidies are subsidies. A tiny bit of sarcasm here.


  3. I had to laugh a number of years ago when I heard that Rich Buchanan, a former mayor, was on this panel and would show up at a business with a Bible in his hand. I suspect it was probably true.

    Honestly I see where it would be fair to have a number of bar and restaurant business owners on the commission too. A lawyer gets his license it goes before a panel of lawyers. A teacher gets terminated in IL and a hearing is held by a panel made of guess who, teachers. I take a CPA exam and it gets graded by CPA’s. The same is true of doctor’s, etc.

    As for fee increases I would first ask what is the city doing with what they are collecting now. This city already collects a lot of revenue off of these businesses so why keep stiffing them for more. Raising fees just because it hasn’t been raised in years is no valid reason to increase fees.


  4. Oh one more thing. Businesses don’t pay the fees and taxes out of their pocket. You ultimately do as the consumer. Still think that is a good idea to raise fees and drive your business away? I don’t!


  5. So just for kicks WHAT would happen IF the state budget mess carries on and ALL the schools in Illinois have to CANCEL/CLOSE classes, so the 20,000+ students that come here and drink, eat, live, pay tuition and shop just stay home. Wonder WHAT the tax rate in UPTOWN will be then? The word “DEFAULT” mean anything? Maybe CHAOS would be more of a defining word. Because WITHOUT them, UPTOWN is closed for business. JUST a thought.


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