Tari: Seriously, citizens deserve truth

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari was on WJBC again this morning:  Tari Renner Bloomington Mayor 8-10-16

Starting around 12:40 Tari discusses the Liquor Commission yet again.  Kudos to Scott Laughlin for questioning some of Tari’s statements.

Tari is trying to justify the Open Meetings Act violations by using State Law.  He seems to forget Bloomington is Home Rule, and as such established a Liquor Commission.  The ordinance doesn’t say the Mayor can operate by himself, that’s why he wanted it changed last Monday.  It has operated like all the other Boards and Commissions for years so citizens can be involved with their government.

Tari plans to cut citizens out.  (kneel plebs)

Around 16:05 Tari claims Commissioner Sue Feldkamp is going to Planning and Commissioner Jim Jordan is going to the Fire and Police Commission.

Tari:  Got any resignation letters?  Got any letters requesting the change?  I have Geoffrey Tomkins’ resignation letter, if Sue and Jim volunteered to leave the Liquor Commission, where are their letters?  Did you play king and order them to be reassigned against their will?  Got any proof they agree with you?

Hum, I wonder if I can prove one or both don’t agree?

Stay tuned.  I sent a FOIA request to the Attorney General this morning for a list of the pending investigations.  Hopefully they can respond quickly.

It also seems the City if now not responding to the AG’s request for information!


What happens to citizens who ignore government requests?




4 thoughts on “Tari: Seriously, citizens deserve truth

    1. Chapter 2 : Section 30 : Boards and Commissions – Enumerated. This ordinance was passed in 2014. Ummm, he is changing it after it was approved 2 years ago “under his watch!?!”


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