Tari seizes his throne Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

August 2nd I wrote a story about Bloomington’s Liquor Commission:  https://blnnews.com/2016/08/02/is-tari-declaring-himself-king/

Monday night Tari wants to be granted all power to enforce, permit, and control liquor in Bloomington.  From the agenda:  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=11004

liquFrom the packet page 238:  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=11003

liq2The only “confusion regarding the authority of the local” Liquor Commission has been FOLLOWING THE LAW!

Blame Tari Renner, the guy who wants 100% authority.

The Open Meetings Act clearly spells out the requirements.  The law is meant to provide a framework for open and transparent government.

Tari has held a Liquor Commission meetings by himself – a violation because a quorum of members is required.  Tari held unscheduled meetings with members of the commission that also violated the Open Meetings Act.  When only three members are on the commission, meeting to discuss commission business with just one person is a violation.

Tari created this fiasco by only appointing two people.  Former Mayor Stockton had 5 commission members.

Remember when Liquor Licenses were raised and Tari wanted video gaming fees increased too?  With three members, at least the public had open input.  He will bring it up video gaming if he is the only guy making decisions – where will the public input be?  Where will the transparency be, on the Consent Agenda where it could sail through Council with no discussion?

Then consider a long past mayor was rumored to have pocketed money for Liquor License approvals.  That led to the creation of the commission.  What if a business requests a license and is denied without any Council or pubic input because the public and Council never knew about it?  Why should a local business person have to kiss Tari’s feet to get a license?  Is this a dictatorship?

Much of what the commission does is mundane – like approving one day licenses for weddings.  Why not change the City Code to allow the Clerk to approve those?  Why does the wedding party have to plead before the commission for what will be approved anyway?

Tari is attempting to bury violations that have been filed with the Attorney General by changing the rules.  Transparency and Democracy will be buried if the compliant Council goes along with Tari’s power grab.

See these minutes:  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=10078  Tari held a “Special Meeting” to approve a liquor license for a PATH fundraiser.  He was the only Liquor Commission member present.  A city lawyer was present, I wonder if he mentioned the meeting was illegal?  A special meeting wasn’t needed because the next regular meeting was March 8, 2016, the PATH event was April 7th.  It could have been approved at an open posted meeting where the public had input.  Instead it was buried.  Was PATH trying to bury serving alcohol?

Any problems with the current Liquor Commission structure are caused by Tari Renner.  Why would the Council want to give him more power to operate outside the view of citizens?  Who do bar owners complain to if Tari decides to shut them down?  Tari?  What if neighbors have a complaint that Tari refuses to handle, who do they complain to?  Tari?

If you live in Bloomington, contact your Alderman this weekend.  Some read this site, others refuse to.  Maybe the truth hurts.

I can’t wait to see the Pantagraph report this weekend.  I’m sure they have the talking points by now.


5 thoughts on “Tari seizes his throne Monday

  1. Maybe ALL the bar owners should close the doors for say a week, tell the employees to take a vacation and THEN let’s see what the public response is, and THEN I bet the council gets calls, and YES that will cut into Taris “lunch money”


  2. He uses the law when it is to his advantage and ignores the law when it does not serve him. Classic example of how a dictator operates.


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