How much did Fireworks cost?

By:  Diane Benjamin

From Bills and Payroll for approval Monday night, obviously the money is already spent:

In case you always wondered how much the Fireworks show cost:



Economic Development:



e1bNo idea what he did for $5400.  Anybody want to FOIA?


e1cPaid every month


e1dPaid every month


e1ePaid every month




No idea what they did for $10,970.  Anybody want to FOIA?


TotaleconTotal Economic Development for the month:  $74,806.86.

What did you get?

5 thoughts on “How much did Fireworks cost?

  1. From what I’ve always been told, WJBC – via State Farm sponsorship – underwrites about $10,000 of the fireworks each year for both Bloomington and Normal (~$20,000 total) so Bloomington’s net cost would be about $16,000.

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