Congrats! They did it again

By:  Diane Benjamin

Sick Leave Buy Back will cost Bloomington taxpayers for decades.  New employees are no longer eligible as of (I think) 2013.  All other employees could be getting paid for unused sick leave when they retire.  The City is too chicken to tell employees it isn’t fair for them to get a benefit nobody in the private sector gets – at least the non-union employees.

Monday another payment to IMFR (pension administrator) is on the agenda.  Taxpayers are forced to pay more to pensions because employees spike their pension with SLBB.

Most people don’t get pensions anymore, but government is protected by the Illinois Constitution.

Gee, I wonder who wrote it?

SLBBConsider yourselves lucky this payment was only $28,405.  I know, a lot of people don’t even make that much.

Sit down, shut up.  Your overlords demanded it.

Page 79:


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