Kirk vrs Duckworth

By:  Diane Benjamin

The choices we have for US Senator are almost as despicable as the choices for President.  Mark Kirk votes with Democrats way too often.  He rarely represents me.

Voting 3rd party for Senate won’t accomplish anything, even though I’ve thought about it.  I am now voting for Kirk because of one picture of Tammy Duckworth at the DNC convention.  She is a vile left-wing loon that will lead to public bathrooms that both sexes use.  Privacy and decency will be extinct:


If you like being ordered to use a bathroom with people of the opposite sex – she’s your gal.

August 15th she goes to trial for a lawsuit filed by two employees of the Illinois Veterans Administration who claim she retaliated against them for complaining about a Veterans facility.

Think she will clean up the VA?  Let her get 6 years in the Senate?

Not because of my vote!









  1. Next to her should be a person wearing a t-shirt that reads, “I’m with stupid.”


  2. There is another excrement relieved in a bathroom. What is it with all of these alleged criminals running for office??


  3. You are right. The bathroom is a scary place. I always have to find which stall is the cleanest. What are the odds of you even being in the same bathroom as a transsexual? I guess that transexual thing is hard for people to wrap their heads around. To tell you the truth, it’s hard to even tell anymore so so don’t let it worry me too much.

    The VA thing is more of a concern for me. If people are being punished for reporting ethics violations, then that is bad for all of us.


  4. Not a big deal Diane. People need to to pee and poo and nobody cares what gender you are, get over it.


  5. Dawson Lake says:

    Most all if not all public bathrooms that I go into have not only urinals, but also a confined stall with a door. Now I do not know what you look at while going, but personally, I never stand on the stool to look over the partition and most certainly never look under that same partition. I therefore do not know who or what is next door. Most often what we don’t know, won’t hurt us.


  6. Tammy is working on being a quadruple dipper. She get’s her military disability, her Obama’s cabinet pension, her House of Reps pension, and soon her Senate pension. She EARNED the military one. The others she has systematically worked toward. Her website and her FB pages had nothing on them except re-election after she was elected to the House. She worked in the VA and now all she talks about is how bad it is. What did she do about it when she was there? Nothing. All she did was work on getting elected to Congress.


  7. Kirk & Ducksworth are both evil. Kirk supported Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) for the military and now is being endorsed by a major LGBT group

    I’ve given up on the Republican Party—-other than their platforms, don’t see a whole lot of difference between Republicans v Democrats. The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The Constitution Party is the party everyone should support. Met Chad Koppi at the Morton TEA Party and he’s got my vote! Also looking to write in Darrell Castle for President. I’m sick and tired of all the lies and false promises. We are long overdue for getting God and the Constitution back into our Country!


    • marycarlisle4 says:

      You’re right Donna. And locally, so-called “republicans” seem to fit that description. When was the last time they said are did something “Conservative?” Or, when have they ever tried to stem the tide of the liberal progressive marxist infiltration in government in Normal or Bloomington? Never! That right there tells us everything we need to know.


  8. That T shirt says a lot about what America has become. I want no part of it. Scum. Vile, despicable scum.


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