Kirk vrs Duckworth

By:  Diane Benjamin The choices we have for US Senator are almost as despicable as the choices for President.  Mark Kirk votes with Democrats way too often.  He rarely represents me. Voting 3rd party for Senate won’t accomplish anything, even though I’ve thought about it.  I am now voting for Kirk because of one picture […]

Kick Mark Kirk out of the US Senate!

By: Diane Benjamin If you are voting in the Republican Primary: Mark Kirk can’t be considered a Republican – he frequently votes with Democrats. If you missed this story from 2014, it reveals Kirk’s character: You have a MUCH better option:  James Marter. He doesn’t have the money for flashy TV and radio ads, […]

UPDATE: Vogel shows why Democrats can’t lead

Two refugees arrested on terror charges – in different States! Got it yet Steve? By:  Diane Benjamin Today Steve Vogel proved that Democrats do not have the ability to govern or keep the country safe.  Most of us already knew that, but Vogel was nice enough to put it in writing for all to […]

This Letter to the Editor states the Obvious!

Need burial for GOP Published: Saturday, April 5, 2014 5:30 a.m. CD To the Editor: Only in the Republican wasteland called Illinois can a sitting Republican senator, in this case called Kirk, state that he is not going to campaign for the Republican nominee for the seat now held by the Democrat, Dick Durbin. Kirk said […]

Is Mark Kirk capable of being a Senator?

Listen to this short clip and decide: [gigya height=”340″ width=”500″ src=”” wmode=”transparent” allowscriptaccess=”always”  allowfullscreen=”true” flashvars=”userId=undefined&IsRawMedia=false&embedId=d2e87c1d-ab8e-4183-b1bf-db90a7f08187&PageName=undefined&EB=false&ServicesBaseURL=2&PlayerFromLocal=False&PlayerLogo=” ] . . .  

The Defund ObamaCare plan – Update

Update:  Word is already out that today’s vote was a setup for the Republicans in the Senate to kill it.  Tell them if they FUND IT THEY OWN it. #DoneWithGOP by:  Diane Benjamin First, ignore all the establishment #GOP saying it’s not going to happen.  2 weeks ago they said a vote to defund ObamaCare […]

Stand with Mark Kirk!

This week Senator Mark Kirk voted NO in the first round of the illegal immigration amnesty bill.  He stated closing the border should completed first before granting permanent residency to illegal immigrants.  He is right!  Call or email him to stand firm! Phone:  888-995-5459 The left is going after him.  He needs to know […]

1st Vote on Immigration Tomorrow-Stop it now

CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW — TOLL-FREE Senator Kirk 888-995-5459 Senator Durbin 888-978-3094 Senator Kirk is still on the fence when it comes to a position on S. 744. The Senator could be one of the key votes that determines the ultimate fate of this bill. Your phone call can truly make a difference. * This is the disastrous […]

Mark Kirk – brain damage?

Mark Kirk sent the following email after his YES vote for a gun control bill that failed yesterday in the US Senate: Dear Friends, Last week, I met with Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy who highlighted an unfortunate statistic: 40 percent of guns were purchased without a background check. I have made it one of […]