Hiding the agenda

By:  Diane Benjamin

Here’s the problem with candidates running for office:

They are unwilling to stand on principles and values

Almost every candidate tries to hide where they stand on the issues because they know they would not get elected saying what they really think.

In 2013 I filmed Aaron Schock at a Town Hall in Heyworth.  After the videos went national he quit doing town halls.  He, like Rodney Davis, only shows up at staged events.  If they have principles and values, both are unable to run on them.  One of the posts on Schock:  https://blnnews.com/2013/08/11/aaron-schock-doesnt-like-being-filmed-anymore/

Candidate for Bloomington City Council, Amelia Buragas, is trying to back track what she is on video saying.  She did say that tax incentives should be used for a downtown hotel, but she doesn’t believe that is actual tax money.  Bloomington had TIF districts before that haven’t worked.  I’m sure Renner will justify a new TIF so money can be shoveled to developer to get a hotel built.  For the duration of the TIF all the increase in property tax generated (if any) will go to the City, they can hand it to the developers.  All other taxing bodies will not reap any benefits until the TIF expires.  That means schools, libraries, the County, etc will see no revenue from increased property values.  TIFs are just a way to convince investment with funding that otherwise wouldn’t be there.  Is it government’s job to pick winners for development?  Ask the losers.

All Ward 4 candidates were asked at their first debate if they had supported the 1% School Tax increased last year.  Amelia did support it.  She was appalled the other candidates didn’t support 1 more cent for schools.  Amelia, it wasn’t the one cent.  It was one cent added to the other 40-50+.  Amelia also didn’t know the schools didn’t want it for any specific purpose, instead it was the bond companies that wanted it passed.  The schools could have borrowed money based on the increase revenue expected.  Watch Amelia’s response below:

Taxpayers have the right to know what candidates will do if elected.

You deserve the truth, not lies to get elected by any candidate federal, state or local.

If you missed the Mark Kirk airplane story, here’s the link:   https://blnnews.com/2014/05/21/senator-mark-kirk-revealed/.  He is another elected official in DC because he likes it, not because he is a public servant.

Very few candidates run on truth.  Start demanding it.


2 thoughts on “Hiding the agenda

  1. How much does Buragas make working for her daddy’s law firm, $250+ per hour? This daddy’s girl has no concept of the reality it is that her constituents face. Hopefully the residents of that ward will see what a fake she is.


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