Mark Kirk – brain damage?

Mark Kirk sent the following email after his YES vote for a gun control bill that failed yesterday in the US Senate:

Dear Friends,
Last week, I met with Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy who highlighted an unfortunate statistic: 40 percent of guns were purchased without a background check. I have made it one of my top priorities in Congress to end gun violence in cities like Chicago and to dry up dangerous criminals’ access to illegal weapons.  Drug gangs like the Gangster Disciples exploit the loopholes in our current system, and they commit senseless acts of violence leading to the death of innocent people, like 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, shot and killed in gang crossfire. I invite you to watch my new video that explains Senator Manchin (D-WV) and my bipartisan legislation, the Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act.  This bill will reduce gun violence across the US and save lives while defending law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights.
It is an honor to represent you in the United States Senate.
Very Truly Yours,
Mark Kirk
U.S. Senator
His brain is obviously not working, or maybe he hangs around Dickie Durbin too much:
  • Does Kirk believe gang members will submit to background checks
  • Does Kirk know 15,000 failed background checks last year and only 44 were prosecuted
  • Does Kirk think gang members won’t have access to guns if the bill had passed
  • Does Kirk believe the McCarthy plans are working in Chicago
  • Does Kirk know that gun offenders in Chicago are routinely released
  • Does Kirk realize that law-abiding citizens in Chicago are not allowed to defend themselves with a gun
  • Does Kirk realize that long prison terms for all criminals who use guns is a successful strategy
  • Does Kirk realize that Illinois is too broke to comply, Illinois closes prisons
  • Does Kirk know that the job of government is to protect citizens, and they are failing badly in Chicago
  • Does Kirk realize Chicago has the toughest gun laws of any state and it doesn’t work
  • Does Kirk realize Chicago’s problems can be traced to poor education and the destruction of the family
  • Does Kirk think that we are stupid enough to believe his statements

Treating criminals like criminals is the only hope Chicago has.  Treating law abiding citizens like criminals and creating more government bureaucracy is a path to America’s destruction.

2 thoughts on “Mark Kirk – brain damage?

  1. I am sick of the anti-gun propeganda, including Kirks. We already have to go through a waiting period and background check to purchase a handgun in IL. I think this is a violation of our 2nd Amendment rights…along with the requirement of a FOID card.

    Yes…Kirk is brain damaged. It might be a result of his stroke…however, he exhibited a lack of common sense long before that happened. Why can’t the GOP get rid of his guy? Who is the GOP and what do they stand for? I give up.

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