Common Core: Social Studies

ccIs dividing children by ethnicity and social class what you want your children taught?  Too late!

It gets better:

A bill passed out of a Senate Committee today that will allow the State to remove your local school board.

The bill that will allow the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to remove school board members from office and to prohibit school board elections was approved Tuesday by the Senate Education Committee. The bill is pending on the Senate floor.

The Alliance testified in opposition to SB 2340 (Steans, D-Chicago); both the Illinois Education Association (IEA) and the Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) also opposed the legislation. The “school reform groups” Stand for Children and Advance Illinois signed in as supporters of the bill.

Generally, the bill would require the school board of all school districts which are in the lowest 5% of school districts in student performance, and have been in academic watch status for at least three years, to apply for and achieve full accreditation by a (yet unnamed) national organization, or be removed from office by the ISBE. Upon removal from office, the ISBE would appoint an “Independent Authority” to take over all functions of the school board.

The ISBE would then “suspend” elections for the school district for at least two years.

A full description of SB 2340 was highlighted in the last Alliance Legislative Report and can be reviewed at:

Full text of the legislation can be found at:


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