Fly on the Wall – David Hales

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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Roads are more and more difficult to navigate without major car repairs, pensions are seriously under-funded, union employees are very unhappy with Hales, staff levels continue to increase after paying people to quit, mandatory disclosures to the public haven’t been done for YEARS, outsourcing (managed competition) was badly handled  – but the current lame duck Bloomington City Council is going to consider the future of Hales!

Looking at the pricey package given to the last City Manager, anybody want to bet Hales is in for a huge raise?

Of course, it isn’t council money.  Throw it around like monopoly money!

8 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall – David Hales

  1. Not much difference in new council anyway. Lower better than Anderson, Black worse than Purcell. Fruin, McDade, Mboka rubber stampers remain. Renner with new found power,,,well, well, well, what do we got here?

  2. Did you see that Renner raised $75,000 for his campaign? Most of the money was from union PAC money…and $29,500 came from the Illinois Association of Realtors. This sets a new precedent…we will never get Renner out if he can raise this kind of money. Black also received a large chunk of PAC money.

  3. I was not aware of the $75K! They are absolute fools contributing to their own demise. Renner’s course seems clear to accommodate the redevelopment goals of the Communist Agenda 21. These are the same type of industry idiots that led their rank and file to accept the free trade agreements. Must be some nice kickbacks somewhere.

  4. I worked with David and believe his short comings were a result of the directives he was taking from the mayor. David is really a talented city manager (miles ahead of our former city manager), a person of integrity and will work endlessly to accomplish the task given. The direction he takes will be the direction the mayor and council give him.

    He is far superior to the other candidates we interviewed and the city would be hard pressed to find a better city manager.

    My two cents….

    1. Interesting. Some members of the Council love him, some blame him for dragging out managed competition for way too long. They think it hurt employee morale and keep them guessing as to whether their jobs were safe. The records of his last position are sealed. Some of us would like to know why he left, it looks like he was forced out.

  5. I agree with Kevin…Hales is 10 times better than Hamilton. Hales can only do as much as the mayor/council will let him do. Hales is just doing what he is supposed to do…his job. Better direction from the council will solve most of the problems we see. Hales is smart, and he knows how to get the council to do what he wants them to do, but ultimately…the council has final authority.

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