The Gosnell Trial: It’s Pro-lifers fault

by:  Diane Benjamin

The trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell has been going on in Philadelphia since March.  He is accused of killing 7 babies that were born alive, and also one mother. The case shows he performed many late term abortions spanning his 30 year practice. Many gruesome pictures are on the Internet of murdered babies – their spinal cords cut with scissors to the back of the neck.  Gosnell also kept jars of baby parts around his office. You can search for the pictures yourself, I have no interest in linking them here.   Gosnell is a murderer who deserves the same treatment he provided.

The question is why this mass murderer has only recently received any press coverage from the supposed main stream media.  Jody Arias is on trial for killing her boyfriend and some news outlets are giving that trial 24-7 coverage.

This trial doesn’t fit the narrative of the pro-choice crowd.  Since an aborted fetus is just tissue to them, they don’t want you to see pictures or hear details from this house-of-horrors.  What we don’t know is how many of these clinics exist, Gosnell made millions of dollars.  Can he be the only one?  Gosnell preyed on the poor.  But here’s where the story turns.

Media Matters, a far left news site created mainly to discredit Fox News, is now reporting that Gosnell existed because these women did not have access to legal abortions.  Excerpts from MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

HERBERT: What you want to do, though, is, if a woman is going to have an abortion, because abortion is legal in this country, then you want it to be accessible and safe. You want it to be done under sanitary conditions with qualified practitioners and that sort of thing.

One of the problems is that in so many parts of the country, it’s just not available, and then women go to the terrible alternatives. 

SMITH: There has certainly been a campaign on the right to make it, in lieu of being able to actually ban abortion, just to make it incredibly difficult to get. And this is obviously the downside of that, right, that people wind up going outside the law.

According to the left, people who believe abortion is murder caused Kermit Gosnell to murder close to full-term babies.  They want you to believe abortion clinics are hard to find because of the Pro-Life movement.  Problem:  a search for abortion clinics in Philadelphia produced this list:

Philadelphia Women’s Center

777 Appletree St, Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 488-7640

Serving the Philadelphia Area.(888) 845-0134
Serving the Philadelphia Area.(800) 226-7846
Berger & Benjamin (no relation!)
Serving the Philadelphia Area.(215) 424-0222
1017 Hickory Ridge Dr, Chalfont, PA 18914 (215) 712-9077

In addition, more are listed less than 10 miles away in New Jersey.  That doesn’t fit the narrative.  The only logical conclusion is that the news is being censored by media organizations with a different agenda.  Luckily, alternative media exists.

Don’t be surprised by claims when the trial is over that the women had no alternative.  They have to have some excuse for this monster and the people who worked for him.

If media lies about this horrific case, what else are they lying about?  Fast and Furious?   Benghazi?  White House Tours?  Sequester?  Boston? All of the above?


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