Jenn can’t handle the truth

By:  Diane Benjamin It appears Jenn Carrillo has blocked me on Twitter. This morning I retweeted one of Dickie Durbin’s stupid comments about needing more money for Chicago to end poverty and violence.  Of course I added a comment: Jenn responded to me with this, when I tried to reply it appears I’m blocked. Keep […]

Chicago logic

By:  Diane Benjamin The comment below was made by a person with an IP address in Chicago: FACTS: MLK was opposed to violence of any kind.  He trained the protesters who walked with him not to respond to anyone harassing them.  If any got arrested for failing to follow his instructions he refused to bail […]

WJBC: Scott wrong again!

By:  Diane Benjamin Scott Laughlin clarified this morning on WJBC why the local media is useless.  The host hates people who think government should do nothing. Scottie doesn’t realize “those”  people don’t want government doing nothing, they want them doing only the things the population can’t do themselves.  Like fix the roads!  How are the Bloomington […]

Dan Brady: Campaign Cash

By:  Diane Benjamin Comptroller Leslie Munger has a new website to promote transparency.  This one reveals campaign contributions.  The State Board of Elections has this information, but it’s NOT in a usable format.  This website is!  Data can be copied to a spreadsheet without doing any reformatting.  From there is can be sorted, grouped, and […]

Gabriella Calhoun vrs Chicago

By:  Diane Benjamin In case you forgot, Gabriella Calhoun is the young lady from the Denny’s incident that happened in 2013. Her case also led to the discovery of racists comments made by Sgt Shumaker that had been buried by the City.  Sgt Shumaker wasn’t fired, he just got a letter in his file that […]

Education Woes: ISU & Karen Lewis, Chicago Teacher’s Union

by:  Diane Benjamin Illinois State University is hosting Karen Lewis on February 24.  Information can be found here: Karen Lewis is known for saying some really bizarre things, but her biography as listed in the article is even more bizarre: She later transferred to Dartmouth College, earning a degree in music and sociology. Lewis […]

Rahm Emanuel doesn’t face reality

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently revealed a plan to spend $24 million on additions and improvements to several of the city’s schools. Emanuel’s school projects are reported to include playground upgrades and a brand new school on the city’s southeast side — Emanuel has categorized this initiative as “school modernization.” But the mayor’s latest spending […]

Chicago debt crisis looms!

While all eyes are focused on a solution for Illinois’ state-run pension systems, Chicago’s own debt crisis is looming. Chicago taxpayers are on the hook for more than $63 billion in pension, health insurance and other debt. That’s the total debt of the city and its sister governments, as well as Chicagoans’ share of Cook County debt. […]

Is Chicago’s Gun Confiscation Underway?

By Editor-in-Chief on August 7, 2013 Illinois Conservative Examiner Gun control advocates think only a conspiracy theorist would believe that confiscation of firearms follows gun registration. “No one’s coming for your guns,” they say with a wry smile. As we know, registration is simply a way for the authorities to keep track of all “law-abiding” […]

Mark Kirk – brain damage?

Mark Kirk sent the following email after his YES vote for a gun control bill that failed yesterday in the US Senate: Dear Friends, Last week, I met with Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy who highlighted an unfortunate statistic: 40 percent of guns were purchased without a background check. I have made it one of […]

Seven dead, five wounded in weekend violence

CHICAGO (Sun-Times Media Wire) – Seven people were killed and another five wounded in weekend violence in Chicago — including two separate double-homicide shootings that occurred about 12 hours apart. The seven homicides all occurred Saturday, making the day one of the deadliest in recent memory. The most recent happened in the South Shore neighborhood […]

Email Received from Chicago?

On Sat, Aug 18, 2012 at 3:51 PM, Mr. Olympics <[email protected]> wrote: The Chicago Blood Bath Continues Somebody Please Help Us!! 3 dead, 18 wounded in shootings since Friday evening Respond to this email: Quit voting for socialists who don’t believe you have 2nd amendment rights to defend yourselves!  Election in November!