Guess what this is?

FOIa request

I can tell you it’s a FOIA request.

You will find out soon who, what, and how much was spent..

13 thoughts on “Guess what this is?

  1. Speaking of ‘and how much was spent’ – This is a good time to remind readers that while BLNNews is free, producing it is not. I know I personally have had other expenses recently, but in the spirit of celebrating freedom and the 4th, I’ll send something this weekend. If other readers haven’t yet (or recently), please join me!
    Thanks again Diane, for all your hard work!

      1. I do think you should post them sometime. The less there is to them the worse they are as it reflects her disrespect to the office and the people speaking (whether that be public comment or other council members). It shows her lack of seriousness and shows her overall attitude when it comes to respecting other people’s opinions. If it ain’t about Jenn or her beliefs it ain’t worth her time….the world according to Jenn the …..
        I think your FOIA is probably a year’s worth of individuals and their “petty” cash working lunches and larger ticket trips to socialist conventions.

  2. Wow! I wonder what it costs them to respond to a FOIA request? Cheaper to be truly transparent and operate above board and in the interest of citizens, hmm?

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