At least Bloomington is honest now

By:  Diane Benjamin

I think Tari mentioned Mboka would be conducting Monday’s meeting, maybe he extended his taxpayer funded trip to Hawaii.

Unless something gets pulled from the consent agenda, the meeting will be really short.  As of now nothing is mentioned under “Regular Agenda”.

There is an interesting item on the Consent Agenda:  Using State Motor Fuel Tax to pay  for street light electricity.  I bet you thought all the Motor Fuel Taxes you pay are to fix the roads, the joke is on you.  The City has been using some to free up more money in the General Fund.

The good news is NEXT year the City is going to fix this, not this year, last year, or the year before.


In other business:

The City if buying property in preparation of installing stop lights on GE road at Walgreens.  Not that something isn’t needed, but it’s only 400 feet from Veterans Parkway.  I really hate to give them ideas, but isn’t this the perfect place for a roundabout?  Traffic needs to keep moving so Veterans isn’t blocked,  A stop light won’t do that.

new stop light

There is an Executive Session listed, the topic and code section isn’t cited.


20 thoughts on “At least Bloomington is honest now

  1. No!!! Please not a roundabout! Single lane roundabouts are one thing, but double-lane ones are horrid. Maybe they will purchase land to move the intersection further to the east. The development of that entire area from Biaggi’s to Walgreens was done very poorly.

    1. There needs to be stop light at Locust and hinshaw every body speeds through stop night

  2. And by the way, what is it with Walgreens? The city left a traffic mess at the entrance to Walgreens on Oakland.

  3. There will be a lot less need once Biaggi’s moves out and it sits empty for God knows how long. Geesh, talk about late to the party. LOL, this town government is the clown circus.

  4. Isnt Biaggi’s moving to a new location in a couple years? Won’t need that signal then.

  5. The city fathers are out of touch with the taxpayers of both BloNo . Everyday the city transportation buses, you know those ones that are NEVER full use up precious resources, fuel, road damage, and they still continue to run them. I say downsize or buy Uber kor Lyft passes for those who ride the bus on a daily basis. He k of a lot cheaper, sell the buses will pay for the passes many, many times over. And save Millions of taxpayer dollars. Also open up the amount of time we the employers of these council members, give to the taxpayers. Out if touch with the needs,not wants, of the bill payers.

  6. Was the Transportation Commission consulted on this? Not that the members are experts. They’re just the Mayor’s appointees.

  7. It is a little known fact that State Motor Fuel tax can be used for all sorts of expenses other than road repair…even Transit.

  8. so Tari’s extending his vacation ? So nice to see tax dollars hard at work. Some people cant even catch the concept of a 4 way stop. A roundabout will be a nightmare.

  9. If no one used their phone, even hands free devices, the dangerous locations could become somewhat safer. IDOT is pillar of the patronage system. That is a problem. It is easy to hire them, and hard to fire them.

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