WJBC: Scott wrong again!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Scott Laughlin clarified this morning on WJBC why the local media is useless.  The host hates people who think government should do nothing.

Scottie doesn’t realize “those”  people don’t want government doing nothing, they want them doing only the things the population can’t do themselves.  Like fix the roads!  How are the Bloomington roads working for you dude?  How about police and fire?  Evidently the racists police, led by a black police chief, need to be policed by the public!  (I hear BLM wants complaints to come to them first, maybe they want to organize marches or riots before anybody knows why)

Maybe some pictures will help you out Scott.  Remember how Champaign got a Portillos without paying them a dime?  Explain this:

Champaign has more people than Bloomington, but they spend almost $50,000,000 less!  (That’s $50 million Scott!)

Imagine how great the economy in Bloomington would be if the people got to KEEP that $50,000,000 and spend it where they want to.

Why is Bloomington $120,000,000 more in debt than Champaign?  Why does Bloomington have more employees?  Why is Bloomington ROBBING their citizens?

Quality of Life?  It looks a lot better in Champaign than Bloomington!

Champaign has a really cute downtown, Bloomington looks like a dump.  Why is that Scott?  MILLIONS and MILLIONS later Bloomington has failed at revitalization.  I bet Scott thinks success is just a couple more millions away!

It’s media like Scott that has taught the residents of both Bloomington and Normal that BIG expensive government is good.  Both are full service and plotting their next big social experiment on the way to utopia.  That’s why the soccer people never tried to raise the money themselves for a complex.

Normal’s report is misleading.  I don’t think they included unfunded liabilities (like pensions) in their total debt.  It is funny that they have more employees than Champaign with a much smaller population:

How big do you want government to get Scott?  Should Bloomington-Normal bankrupt themselves like the State did?  Is there any project that government shouldn’t do?

Check out the roads Scott, then tell me why a government that can’t fix the holes should be trusted to handle anything!

BTW Scott, if you were real media you would have mentioned the City of Chicago is being sued by a biker who got seriously injured in a bike lane:  http://chi.streetsblog.org/2016/01/19/city-tries-to-avoid-liability-by-calling-bike-lanes-recreational-property/

Bloomington is going to declare riding a bike three feet from a vehicle completely safe, except for when the road deteriorates and the City doesn’t fix it.  Maybe the City plans to do great maintenance in bike lanes, just not the rest of the road.  I hope citizens aren’t further fleeced when they start paying out damages.  Funny how that Chicago bike lane looks just like what Bloomington wants to do.

I know Scott can’t explain why citizens are robbed by government at a much greater rate in Bloomington-Normal.  I expect him to keep ignoring facts.  I expect him to keep having the mayors on and anybody else who wants to proclaim the “shining jewel” is doing great.

I guess WJBC had to fire whoever did the podcasts, none have been posted since early June.  It would have been fun to post Normal Council member Kevin McCarthy last week talking about the upcoming agenda and not mentioning buying that electric vehicle for Amtrak.  Of course the host didn’t mention it either.  (Side note:  Expect Koos to resign at some point and McCarthy appointed to replace him.  That’s how elections are done in Normal.)

I bet people on the Titanic were told everything was fine too, right up until it was too late.

14 thoughts on “WJBC: Scott wrong again!

  1. Could I sue the city for the damage to my car due to the under maintained roads? Maybe a class action law suit. Just a thought.

  2. Excellent link on the bicyclist suing the city of Shitcago! Heads up Bike BloNo. Yeah you were scammed cause Shitcago claims the bike lanes as recreational and does not want any liability for your accidents. Lol, it never was about safety folks. Mayors that you thought were on your side are pushing that Marxist agenda that ya all just can’t understand.

  3. There is currently a effort by wounded police officers to have the federal government declare black lives matter a ‘terrorist’ organization. You may recall their chants “What do we want? DEAD COPS, When do we want it ? NOW.” If this happens there will be members of a terrorist organization on the review board as well as city council. And Not in our Town will also be partnered with a declared terrorist group. Grab the popcorn. This could get interesting.

  4. The local media is the voice of the government. Aka, propaganda. Critical facts are withheld. How many time do we have to listen to Bicycle activists without hearing a counter-point?

  5. Pretty sure Champaign has FAR less tiff districts, they also let the free market determine downtown. Guess what’s there? Exactly what succeeds in a downtown: restaurants and bars. No arena, no hotel, not a lot of retail, etc.
    Not to mention, the gave $0.00 to Portillo’s. 🙂

  6. I think it was Saturday I was in Culver’s and they have the local social newspaper out to read. I picked it up and the front page had an article about the Sugar Creek Arts Festival and on page 3 an article about the loss at the white elephant dome. Seems like they had the place for those articles on the wrong pages.

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