1st the State – local fleecing next

By:  Diane Benjamin

Illinois politicians at almost every level don’t understand how to live within their means.  They don’t believe you are entitled to spend your money how you want it spent.  Quality of Life!  They know what that is, you don’t.

Chris Koos just got a nasty surprise:

Funny how both mayors didn’t have a problem stealing another 1% in sales taxes from citizens not too long ago!

Chris, it’s only 2 pennies out of every dollar!  You spent more than twice that on the 458th study of whether to build an underpass or an overpass.  You gave away more than 4 times this amount to lure Portillos.  I’m sure if you tried you could figure out a way to cut a measly half mil!

I wonder how Chris will spin the next raid on your piggy bank?  Water Fee?  Sewer Fee?  Entertainment Fee?

Expect more tax hikes soon.  Koos has an agenda to implement!

How much is this going to cost Bloomington?  It will be more than $500,000.  Tari isn’t capable of governing with the dollars already stolen from taxpayers.  That’s because he doesn’t govern – he RULES just like Koos.  Both impose their agenda against the will of the people – both with a more than willing Councils.

Sounds just like the State of Illinois!


Corruption abounds while too many citizens aren’t paying any attention.  I wonder if the retroactive income tax increase will wake anybody up?

Expect Normal and Bloomington to raise MULTIPLE taxes soon.  The agenda must not be derailed for any reason, especially running out of other people’s money!

One more thing:  Illegal aliens in Illinois have more rights than citizens.  Renner has pulled his “welcoming ordinance” because there is a bill sitting on Rauner’s desk to declare Illinois a sanctuary state – SB0031.  Illegals cost Illinois taxpayers an estimated $3.5 BILLION a year and your taxes just got raised $5 Billion to pay for them.  If illegals can’t follow the law to be here, what other laws are immaterial?  Some of them?  All of them?




5 thoughts on “1st the State – local fleecing next

  1. ILLEGALS are breaking the laws of the country! PERIOD! Since WHEN did we start giving “privileges” to lawbreakers-other then politicians?
    I find it interesting that MOST folks when thinking of illegals think latino. But, there are MANY Russians, Africans, etc that are also here illegally.


  2. I’ve begun cutting back and dropped a few memberships as a result of the state raising taxes. I’m sure I won’t be the first person.
    I’ll for sure be buying more via the internet. I wish amazon would close their IL facility and move someplace else.


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