Jenn can’t handle the truth

By:  Diane Benjamin

It appears Jenn Carrillo has blocked me on Twitter.

This morning I retweeted one of Dickie Durbin’s stupid comments about needing more money for Chicago to end poverty and violence.  Of course I added a comment:

dickie response

Jenn responded to me with this, when I tried to reply it appears I’m blocked.

jenn deleted tweet

Keep in mind our exchanges started when SHE followed me, evidently she doesn’t like conversations (no surprise).

One more note:  What is Jenn smoking with this reply?  Did ISU teach her how to write with random capitalization?

(Notice how people on the left aren’t capable of talking without using vulgarities?)







16 thoughts on “Jenn can’t handle the truth

  1. Between the clapping emojis and use of upper and lowercase, Jenn has demonstrated that she’s an unprofessional, rude, and childish person that prefers disruptive, attention-seeking behavior to a substantive debate or exchange of viewpoints. Twitter debates happen all the time, often with creative zingers from people with multiple perspectives on an issue or topic. Jenn, of course, like the woke mob cannot understand why someone would think differently than her. And, again like the woke mob, she runs away to a safe space (in this case blocking someone who disagrees with her and surrounding herself with people that only agree). Recently, someone made the point to me that campus culture and safe spaces were actually having the opposite effect. That is, they are a net benefit to white males, conservatives, and Christians in that because these folks are used to getting insulted, derided, and challenged day-in and day-out, they are stronger, build-up immunities to insults, and learn to become more articulate in their communication, delivery, and message. Compare that to the woke crowd who never leave their eco chamber and thus become weaker at these skillsets. In essence, campus culture has adversely impacted the life and professional skills of those they claim to be keeping safe.

  2. I’m amazed she hasn’t been reprimanded by the mayor and other council members for her language she’s a public official.

  3. What she is doing would make any communist proud. Control the media or public via censorship. Seems she has a few other friends who do this. Koos comes to mind with his public comment rules. Reece with her trying to stop any discussion of city employees and procedures. JB and his press manager selectively controlling who can ask questions or attend press conferences on chinese flu. Michaels is right as Jenn has stepped across the line in her public comments as far or further than tax’in Tari

  4. Jenn makes videos and writes blogs showing concern that non blacks such as herself aee taking too much of a leadership role in the Black Lives Movement.
    And yet she continues to make the local movement about her and not the improvement of black lives. Her actions are hurting the struggle.

  5. “The violence would end quickly if law abiding citizens could shoot back”.

    So are you going to travel up to the Southside of Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood to “shoot back”? Are you going to confront the Black Disciples or Latin Kings with your gun? If so that’s pretty stupid and you’d be dead along with your trusty gun. Chicago’s police have been trying to get guns off the streets not add to those guns. Chicago doesn’t lack both legal guns and has hundreds of thousands of illegal guns. Your little fantasy of law abiding citizens somehow shooting back as if they’re at the O.K. Corral is just fiction.

    1. You only got this comment posted to show how uniformed you are. The crime rate goes down when law abiding citizens are armed. Proven fact. Gun laws, like the ones in Chicago don’t affect criminals, only people who believe laws matter.

  6. Chicago has the same gun laws as the rest of the state. The old City Ordinance Prohibiting gun ownership in the home, and registration of guns, was done away with Several years ago. I agree on the rest of your post. Armed citizens do make for a safer community.

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