The Art and Camille Taylor POLICE Reports

By:  Diane Benjamin

Police reports:  The Art and Camille Taylor incident

These reports were received by the Edgar County Watchdogs, they forwarded them to me.  If you missed all the previous stories these reports have the same information as the body cam videos.

This story has links to all the previous stories and videos:

There is more in these reports you haven’t heard!

The names are redacted, but it’s pretty easy to tell if the names are the neighbors who called the police or Art and Camille Taylor.

I could print a ton of excerpts, but I’m pretty sure you can read.  I strongly urge you to READ all of the documents.  The only people who brought up race and used profanity were the Taylors.

PDF page 4:

tay 3

PDF page 6  tay 8

Jump to PDF page 7 & 8.  Art Taylor still thought they were targeted for being black, he doesn’t understand the difference between skin color and a car parked on the street that matched the description the offenders drove.  Police Chief Donath went to his house to discuss.  Art had wanted the neighbors investigated for filing a false police report.  See PDF page 3 of his diatribe:

Click to access bpd-incident-art-and-camille-taylor.pdf


The offender’s vehicle was found – jump to PDF page 9.  This is the REAL tragedy of this story.  Somebody taught a 17 year old girl to hate and fear the President of the United States and anyone who supports him.  Art and Camille Taylor are infected with same disease.  The lies the media has been telling since before Trump was elected have been swallowed by a large part of the population.  Are the schools teaching the same crap?  A kid felt threatened by Trump signs?

f trump

We might be closer to civil war than we think.

Yes, #FakeNews is the enemy – along with those who believe it.

The reports prove Art Taylor is unfit to serve on the Public Safety and Community Relations Board that will be hearing from citizens about ways to “defund” the police.  He thinks everything revolves around the color of his skin while claiming to be a “bridge-builder”.  He can’t possibly make decisions based on reality instead of  his ideology.








13 thoughts on “The Art and Camille Taylor POLICE Reports

  1. This proves that Art… although a God-fearing man, he is a racist and was quick to denounce others and is a phony. His actions were uncalled for. Take it like a man and discuss the occurrence. Don’t blame it on the color of your skin and then accuse others. Just sit at home and give up your position in any organization that you try to lead.

  2. This type of behavior feeds the racial divide rather then mend it. We’re all God’s children. EVERYONE needs to avoid using color as an aid to any descriptions. That would go a long way in healing.

    1. Not true, it just needs to be done respectfully. If somebody robbed a bank, leaving out that they were black or white or whatever else would be like leaving out that they were tall or some other distinguishing physical characteristic.
      I can think of at least three things one could say about me that could be construed as negative and I’m fine with all of them, because they’re factually correct. It’d be like getting upset somebody said the sky is blue. Tweak the wording a little to make it obvious the intent is to insult, and I still won’t get mad, but I Will be curious what your problem is… 🙂

  3. The Boch’s deserve a public apology and a public show of support. Also, Art Taylor should resign as he has demonstrated that he is unfit to serve by his inappropriate demeanor.

  4. Maybe this was why Art was observed driving slowly throughout a number of streets in the neighborhood this morning (Wed., August 5th), probably looking for other Hyundais or Kias that look similar to his wife’s.

    1. I don’t doubt it. He should be grateful the officer didn’t ticket her and even said on the record he decided it wasn’t necessary.

  5. Bigots are gonna bigot. People don’t call the police for teens on bikes. Buy a clue, Art.

    Yeah, that 17 year old girl needs to apologize to everyone. But she probably wasn’t raised that way.

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