Was Art Taylor attempting to INCITE something?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Link to all previous stories:  https://blnnews.com/2020/08/05/the-art-and-camille-taylor-police-reports/

The story above also has Art Taylor’s version of what happened on July 11th.  Besides social media, who did he send it to?

That answer was received in a FOIA filed by one of the “neighbors” with Trump signs in the yard.  The email below is addressed to every local left wing activist Art could think of – including Tari’s next appointment to the Public Safety and Community Relations Board.  Art claims to be a bridge builder, this isn’t building bridges since he obviously thinks only his opinion matters.  Sending the diatribe to people Art knows will defend him is an obvious attempt to illicit a negative response against people who support the President of the United States for re-election.  If Taylor had wanted to build bridges he would have keep this between the police, the neighbors, and his family.  It is a sad day in Bloomington when racism has to be imagined.

Art sent to

Was Art attempting to incite retribution against his “neighbors” who were already victims of the types mentioned above?   This proves yet again Art Taylor is unfit to serve on the PSCRP Board.

The document below was also received by FOIA.  It shows Bloomington has virtually no problems with policing.

The only reason talks about de-funding are moving forward is because GOOD PEOPLE haven’t told the Council Enough of This Crap!  Right now the radicals who want chaos are the only voices being heard.

stats recap

306,670 calls with 71 complaints.

Black Lives Matter and the other local radicals want a problem solved that doesn’t exist.

Meanwhile – all these discussions do is let other problems NOT be discussed:

  • Almost 8 years after Renner ran for Mayor saying he would fix the roads they aren’t fixed
  • Massive increase in the budget since Renner was elected
  • Massive reserves from over-taxation
  • Businesses closing all over town
  • Coliseum theft trial starts next week, no one at the City has been held accountable even though they did nothing to stop it.
  • The Connect Transit taxpayer fleece continues unabated, maybe next they will demand City Hall.
  • Pension funding will kill future budgets without raising taxes
  • City passed a $172 million Water Master Plan without saying how it will be paid for
  • The Council has two members that will prevent economic development with their lunacy – two more are running next year.
  • This list is endless!

Instead the police are being treated like criminals


10 thoughts on “Was Art Taylor attempting to INCITE something?

  1. This fake racism BS and the SJW Cancel Culture crap has got to end. There is NO institutional racism in Bloomington-Normal and I think that the number of individuals who might be racists (from all races) is actually very low.

    In my almost 50 years of living in the area, I have yet to meet someone who could be called a racist.

    I have been in situations where the race card has been used as a weapon against innocent well-meaning white people.

    FYI Art: Throwing the race card down on the table where there is obviously no racism does nothing but give “real racists” fuel for their hatred. Is that what you want? You are divider rather than a uniter?

  2. The problems facing Bloomington-Normal can be summarized in by this phrase “invasion through relocation .” Whether it’s the Taylor’s, Jennifer Carrillo, Jeff Crabill, Tari Renner, Chemberly Cummings, Kathy Lorenz, etc. They all have one thing in common. They are not BN natives. They come here for school, work, or other reasons and bring their screwed up life perspectives with them. They claim they come here for a better life but in reality, it’s just a continuation of the lives they have known in Chicago, Miami, Mexico or wherever. If truth be told, they do not wish to begin new lives here they only want to introduce the rest of us to the large urban disasters that they come from. These are all miserable people that just want to make the rest of us miserable as well. State Farm has contributed to it as well by bringing in the outsiders and their ultra liberal politics. You reap what you sow.

  3. Arts agenda and attitude should cause him to recuse himself from the commission. Diversity has become a new cottage industry.

  4. Two “cases” for this advisory Public Safety and Minority Community Relations Board in almost five years and 306,000 calls for service?

    Clearly we have a pretty good department. And the 71 complaints include at least on serial whiner filing lots of complaints.

    Art needs to sit down and shut his piehole. But I am sure that his ego and his cocksuredness won’t let him.

  5. With everything we now know is Art Taylor racist? Do we have a racist serving on the community relations board?

  6. Speaking of STREETS, and NEEDING BADLY to be fixed, I say you START a “contest” so to speak of peoples favorite potholes, I nominate the one at the 4 way stop in the middle of the intersection of the service road in front of Dicks.
    As for racism, most ANY of the above emailed parties could find problems with a panda bear !!

  7. A bunch of big blowhards. Saying one thing and doing another. Hypocrites. Liars. Bigots. If the shoe fits wear it. These people are sickening and need to be removed from any public office!

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