When skin color is all that matters

By: Diane Benjamin

If written many stories about the Art and Camille Taylor incident, they are all linked in this story along with the body cam videos: https://blnnews.com/2020/08/08/was-art-taylor-attempting-to-incite-something/

More information has been received by FOIA after an earlier FOIA obviously didn’t produce all of the documents involved. It was filed by John Boch.

Start with who jumped to Art’s defense before getting any facts. These are just a few, to save space I’m not printing the emails. Click on the link to view them:

Tari Renner’s latest appointment to the PCSRB, note who she sent it to:

The Reverend had not seen the video or heard anything other than Art’s diatribe. Of course the police are to blame, evidently the officer should have known Art would only see race even though nobody else did.

Jeff Crabill represents all parties involved, he choose to represent only Art Taylor

Jamie Mathy thought Art’s diatribe might disappear:

Scott Black at least paused to ask questions:

Time Gleason emails, he didn’t return calls from John Boch but he did contact Art:

Does this mean Gleason knows Art was the problem?

Here’s what happens when the REAL facts don’t matter. The incident began with vulgar Trump haters harassing 2 families for merely having Trump signs in their yards.

Race never played a part in any of this – it was blown out of proportion by Art Taylor. The usual “no facts” crowd jumped to blame the police. Meanwhile the real culprits were ignored by the “blame the police and Trump supporters crowd”.

This happened last night at John Boch’s home. It isn’t very smart to mess with a guy who has multiple surveillance cameras, this is only 1 of the views he has:

Will Not In Our Town and Art Taylor address the REAL issues now?

Do you want to live in a country where political opinions you don’t agree with can be snuffed out?

Does NIOT think it’s okay to destroy campaign signs? Plenty have been destroyed of non-leftist candidates in past elections too.

Trump got over 60,000,000 votes in the last election. Expect more in November. His supporters think laws matter, obviously the other side doesn’t. See Chicago, New York, Seattle, and Portland if you don’t believe me – all run by Democrats.

Do laws matter in Bloomington? These twits need prosecuted to the fullest existent of the law. Who will protect “democracy” as the left likes to shout? Or is it only “their democracy” that gets protected?

One of the persons in the video looks a lot like one who was in the car blaring vulgar anti-Trump music according to Boch. If the first incident had been handled without Art Taylor claiming racism, last night might not have happened.

Boch did file a police report.

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  1. Sad to THINK I HATE myself because I’m WHITE, and I guess MY life don’t matter!
    ALL LIVES MATTER, you dummies!
    Guess NOW I”ll vote for TRUMP!

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