Normal’s painful meeting

By:  Diane Benjamin

Chris Koos was sick so Kevin McCarthy acted as Mayor.  No one adds less intensity to doing the people’s business than McCarthy.  Try to stay awake if you watch.

New people showed up at Public Comment. A local businessman wanted to know why he wasn’t allowed to participate in the Town picking a new Wellness Provider.  Pam Recce claimed since they hired a consultant they can only follow the consultants recommendation.  Stan wanted to table this item so they could hear from the local vendor, he was voted down by EVERYONE ELSE.  Nord was shut down later when he mentioned a project by the EDC and Chamber of Commerce to promote local businesses.  McCarthy claimed that didn’t apply to this agenda item.  See this part of the discussion beginning at 37:50.  It proves local businesses have no priority to the Town of Normal.  The Town was aware of this provider but CHOSE not to pass that info to the consultant.  Jump to 50:00 to hear Stan and then McCarthy interrupt him.

Note:  According to McCarthy not only do citizens have no Freedom of Speech, your elected Representatives don’t either.  Specifically Stan, the rest had no problem.

Another lady called in to support the police department.  She went on to explain what one school resource officer contributes at NCHS.  Her comments were to counter the BLM demands to remove officers from schools.

One final lady obviously had no idea how Public Comment works.  She wanted each Trustee to tell her if they support defunding the police.  She likely never understood the Council doesn’t respond to questions during Public Comment.

All of the Public Comments are at the beginning of the meeting if you want to listen.  It was nice to hear new people participate in their government.

Chemberly Cummings pulled ratifying the police contract and wage increases.  She wanted to make clear this vote has NOTHING to do with Defunding the Police.  Black Lives Matter must have urged her to vote NO.  Other Trustees chimed in supporting her comments.

Hear Stan Nord at 1:04:00 asking what it will take to restore confidence in the police after Target was looted while the police watched.  The Police Chief clarified what happened:  He chose not to let his officers protect property while risking injury to either his officers or the looters.  See 1:09:40.

We are supposed to celebrate the arrests made after the incident.  He chose defending life and safety of the staff over defense of property.  Will the people arrested be paying for the damaged police vehicles and the losses Target suffered?

Bigger question:  If they didn’t protect Target and public property, will they defend your property?

1:14:10 – McCarthy cuts off Stan again when he asked the Chief if there are other tools or training he needs.  Anybody else think some tear gas would have ended that rampage before the extensive theft and damage?

The theme of the night was cut off Stan.

Celebrate now taxpayers:

1:31:50There will be public investment involved with the newly rezoned PRIVATE Illinois Arts Station.

It is a secret however.  Kevin McCarthy cut Stan off again.  Pam Reece dodged Stan’s questions claiming they were still negotiating.  Stan asked if the Town would be doing maintenance for them.  I bet he knows more than McCarthy allowed him to say.  As usual deals are formed behind closed doors so the bobble-heads can cheer later.  Who authorized Pam to negotiate giving away your money?

One more:  See 21:10.  Stan Nord brought up the cost of health insurance again and CIRBN employees.  Those 3 employees could rack up hundred of thousands in claims the taxpayers of Normal are forced to pay.  Citizens are currently paying 100% of employees health insurance and Normal largely self-insures.  CIRBN is supposed to reimburse the Town for expenses, health claims aren’t one of them however.

The only way to change this pretend employee relationship is to change the Mayor and Council.





12 thoughts on “Normal’s painful meeting

  1. Watched the video. Does this “professional staff” every do anything except hire others to do their work? And when they hire these people; consultants, ‘brokers’, and the like, do they give them specific written instruction on what they want from them? And if they do, do they EVER check on them, to see that they followed their instructions? These are rhetorical questions. Listening to this gang of thieves is hard on the ears. They have an excuse for everything. A canned narrative.

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  2. Another comment. The ineptitude of the “professional staff” is on full display when they are trying to have public comment. They can’t even do a ZOOM correctly, how does anyone thing they can administer the Town any better?

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  3. Dear Stan:

    Just like nationally, these fools are not going to hold back the truth from the people. The wall of secrecy, lies and BS has ten thousand holes in it. And just because these Cancel Culture Democratic Communists can’t see anything outside of their CNN/WGLTnews information silos doesn’t mean that WE don’t know what is going on (thank you Diane)

    They tell us:

    Biden is leading in the polls
    Trump is stealing mail boxes
    The virus is getting worse
    Hillary did nothing wrong

    Uptown will stimulate business activity
    Uptown 2.0 is needed
    The professional staff has determined ______.
    Rivian is going to build a truck, car, SUV and a delivery van

    Yes the Democratic Communists are nationally and locally up to the top of their hip boots in horse s##t and lies. After the landslide coming election nationally and the complete destruction of the Democratic Communist Party, the people of Normal will be primed to TAKE BACK their town from these criminals.

    Keep up the good work, Stan!


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  4. Since taxes are paid for protection, like fire and police services, would withholding the services, like at Target, create a liability for the Town? I sympathize with the Chief and his dilemma, but as you stated Diane, what if it were my property? When looters are allowed to have free reign how do you stop it from happening again? Portland and Seattle and Chicago certainly haven’t found a way. Laws are to punish the offenders, not the public.

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      1. Menards and Target are the big sales tax generators for Normal now.

        The good news is: If you are looking for a place to live in Normal, you have plenty of options and lower prices as Student Apartment Owners desperately try to stay out of foreclosure.

        But nothing to see here… have you heard about the really cool underpass that we got money for?

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    1. A police chief who neglects to enforce the laws because of the potential political ramifications should resign.

      What happened to Serve and Protect?

      What happened to the rule of law?

      What happened to the Chief’s balls? Has anyone seen them? Because he doesn’t have them with him anymore.


  5. GOOD logic TROUBLE, but you forgot
    UPTOWN will PAY for itself over time!
    And Tari is going to “re-invent” Eastland mall. WHEN LITTLE guy??
    There’s more parking there then at Rivan almost!
    And WHO was the DUMBASS who thought to put a median concrete in at fairway and the service road/ Route 9 intersection? That was the DUMBEST thing since electing JENN!
    NOT to mention, people turning right USE the bike lanes. GREAT IDEAL DUMMIES!

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  6. McCarthy has the personality of a sawhorse. Cummings was clearly covering her bases with the woke mob and BLM. She doesn’t want to be labeled as a “sellout”. Of course, more efforts to obstruct Stan. Koos and “his” bobblehead council are just making the case for change in the next election cycle. They’re the best advertisement Marc Tiritilli can’t buy. The Illinois Arts Station is another BCPA is the making. More government spending on arts to stroke the ego of the elitists that fancy themselves “cultured”. CIRBN is a joke. They continue losing ground to private-sector competitors who are better priced, provide a better service, are more nimble, and aren’t directed by politicians and bureaucrats.

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  7. You are kinda talking bad about sawhorses… Hell a sawhorse can be (under the right conditions) entertaining and exciting compared to Kevin McCarthy.

    While I am not deliberately stereotyping anyone….. but aren’t most guys named Kevin usually as boring as watching a two-toed sloth race in slow motion?


  8. If Kevin McCarthy is auditioning for mayor, he’s the best campaign commercial Marc Tiritilli could have. The guy looks worse than Joe Biden.

    Also, Joe Company is in direct competition to McCarthy for the cooperate fitness market. Maybe that has something to do with him not being allowed to bid on the job. Since it would look bad for McCarthy to get the gig, he probably has some say so as to who doesn’t get the job. Just sayn’.

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