Since Jenn has no credibility, Crabill was the activist last night

By: Diane Benjamin

If you forgot the demands of the local Black Lives Matter group, see them here:

Demands include de-funding the police 50% by 2023.

Jeff Crabill took the opportunity last night to oppose the re-appointment of Surena Fish to the Public Safety and Community Review Board (PSCRB) because she dared to oppose a possible appointment to that board of a guy with a BLM sign in his yard.

Are Carbill and Carillo the only two people in Bloomington who don’t see that as a conflict of interest? This board hears citizens complaints after the police review them and try to reach a resolution. (Very few of them!)

Both Council members evidently have no problem with Art Taylor being on the PSCRB after he and his wife cried racism because the police had the audacity to ask them questions:

Surena Fish is a sweet caring women who always looks for the best in people. Carbill must only want “we hate police” activists on a board with no power to accomplish the BLM goals. Carrillo seconded his motion to approve all other appointments accept Fish, they lost. Julie Emig voted with them.

Ward 4 (Emig), Ward 6 (Carillo), and Ward 8 (Carbill) will be up for election in April of 2023. Candidates to replace all three need to start considering a run.

8 thoughts on “Since Jenn has no credibility, Crabill was the activist last night

  1. Why doesn’t someone make them explain and commit to the reasoning behind punitive policing budgets no matter what they have, or as is the case in Bloomington, have not done?
    Its very simple. Tell us why you want to reduce the police budget?
    Because of mental health?
    Because BLM?
    Because all police are racists?
    Because there are too many blacks in jail?
    Because it gets me votes?
    or just because.
    After that we can discuss issues if that’s what you really want.

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  2. ZERO credibility. She made a complete fool of herself. The smirks, the vaping, the looking around. Some even have said they have concern she is mentally unstable. Mental health budgets were cut by a former governor. Go back in time to find this. Carrillo needs to do some research instead of grasping at straws all the time. She has no guts to bring to this the council and relied on Craybill. NO worries…we are working on getting 2 candidates to represent ward 6 and 8 that will work for all the people. Craybill is a dangerous person as much as Carrillo.

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  3. Carrillo and Craybill lost the election for their pals due to their own proposed policies and antics. They just can’t seem to resist doubling down. In the next election cycle, they will lose their jobs. The next couple of years will be fun to watch.


  4. These 2 knuckleheads, just like to keep the pot boiling, plain and simple. IF they are not happy, then they don’t want anybody else to be happy. As for Jenns mental state, really, is there doubt in anyones mind, other then her delusional tag alongs..

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