Crabill again: Cut police funding

By: Diane Benjamin

Since Jenn Carrillo would have been laughed at, Jeff Crabill was the BLM representative last night. He wanted to approve last years police budget instead of the increased number.

State Farm – make sure he doesn’t get a raise this year since he thinks public safety personnel don’t deserve one.

The video below starts with Jeff’s motion. Watch his partner’s face. I guarantee this attempt was merely to set a precedence for next year. They will claim policing suffered no ill effects from this cut, so let’s cut more.

Tari is more worried about going over the allotted time. Mboka, please do away with limiting Council input and stupid votes to extend the time. The question can always be called and if Council agrees debate ends. Time limits shouldn’t apply to any discussion of the people’s business.

1:12:45. Crabill explains his motion, he wants to total budget to remain the same. His cut to police would go back into the General Fund to be spent later as the Council wishes. 1:14:00 – Emig will want discussions about police funding for the next budget. 1:14:30 – Joni Painter calls out Crabill, Carrillo calls a point of order. Kimberly Bray calls a point of order on Carrillo. Donna Boelen follows stating alternatives must be in place before funding is cut.

Of course Crabill and Carrillo were defeated. Since all Jenn’s buddies lost both will continue to lose when nonsense is presented.

Zoom meetings are so educational, they should be permanent!

One more note. I was watching the meeting on my phone which makes each picture really small. I thought Tari was wearing a neck brace, turns out it was just a mask around his neck. He eventually took it off:

Going to miss you Tari, I do have a parting present set for later however.

4 thoughts on “Crabill again: Cut police funding

  1. Being a DISRUPTOR (critical thinking, innovation, leading others to make things better) is quite different from being DISRUPTIVE. Want defunding? Defund Carrillo and Crabill. To both of them, try your sh*t in most any other country and see how fast it will get you and maybe your family a lifetime tour of their penal system. Style matters, intent matters, integrity matters… and results matter. Eventually all of those will come home to roost. Grow up while you still can. Just because you can get attention like a 3 year old doesn’t mean you should. Be grateful you live in a country and city where you have the freedom and safety to do that. There are plenty of useful ways to make a difference.

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  2. JUST for grins and giggles, I wonder IF Jenn and Jeff pulled their “stunts” in Russia with good ole Vladimir Putin. Just HOW MUCH postage they’d need to send a postcard back to the “homies”” That is IF they had mail service there.
    Probably would not even be on a good map!
    Just a thought..

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  3. Is Carrillo getting high during the meeting? What is it with all the other people in the room where she is? She keeps looking to the right and left or is she just paranoid?

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