Inciting violence: The Local Socialists

By:  Diane Benjamin

Socialists is too nice a word for the locals who want to subvert the rule of law and impose THEIR dictatorial government at every level.  Robert Garcia is one of the leaders striving to create chaos.

It isn’t by accident many protest take place around the jail.  Instead of working to keep people from breaking the law in the first place, they want those being held stirred up.  Previously they used loud speakers to make sure the prisoners could hear them.  This created an unsafe atmosphere for both them and the staff charged with detaining them safely.

Sheriff Sandage decided taxpayers should not be footing the bill so they can use County electricity.  Garcia is miffed!  Good.  Taxpayers aren’t going to pay for your pretend revolution.  Maybe Robert can join his comrades inside soon.  I wonder if he’s noticed attendance keeps dropping at his “peaceful protests”.

garcia 1garcia 2

Since Garcia supports this candidate she is obviously of the same ilk.  Thanks for the warning Robert.


15 thoughts on “Inciting violence: The Local Socialists

  1. Dear Robert:

    Manufacture racism and alleged grievances somewhere else. Please prepare yourself for November 4th 2020. The pendulum is about to swing back on you and your ilk.

    Your party will be history. Your insanity will have been checked. Your leaders will have been removed.

    And you will have been left behind

    Trouble 2

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  2. Why do these progressives always step backwards? Cause they’re too ignorant to realize that facists are funded by facists and racists are funded by racists. Perhaps they’d follow the money and figure it out if they weren’t the ones collecting the money, the resources to carry on with their ignorance.


  3. Careful Diane, Robert likes to stalk people. He is dishonest and unsafe. Someone needs to pull his real-estate license…ASAP.


  4. WHAT the HELL is a “peaceful Fine Arts Black Liberation Celebration” Sounds like an oxymoron within a conundrum! WHERE in HELL does FINE ARTS relate to “Black Liberation”??
    That’s like saying a peaceful “Great White Shark food fest-without incident””!!!


  5. The County property is under the control of the County. The Sherriff’s office is responsible for protecting that property. This group brought this on themselves especially because of last Monday’s incidents. Stop playing the victim when you are the aggressor. Maybe the City and County should begin requiring permits for these activities.

    Regarding hand signals, Robert interpreted as a threatening action because that is where his mind is. I would interpret the hand motion by the deputy as “knock it off” or “stop.”

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    1. Art and Zacc were in Chicago this morning looking for racist white people and misbehaving police on Michigan Avenue. They didn’t find any but are still trying along with hundreds of other oppressed from Art’s old neighborhood.


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