Jenn Carrillo is the Enemy Within

Socialism Kills!

Obviously Carrillo was never taught history and doesn’t bother to learn.  She is the enemy within.  She and Jeff Carbill need to be marginalized by the other Bloomington City Council members.  Congrats Bloomington:  Two of her buddies are running next April.

Capitalism is the fairest way to exchange goods and services and the only one that works.  Millions of people around the world have been lifted out of poverty through capitalism.  Millions more died by socialist governments who had to dispose of opposition.  Jenn is either an idiot or plans to be in control if her goals are achieved.  Useful idiots are the first extinguished Jenn.

Carrillo promotes tyranny, not liberation.

carrillo DSA

10 thoughts on “Jenn Carrillo is the Enemy Within

  1. Socialism – why should one person have so much?
    Capitalism – why shouldn’t all people have so much?
    But then there is Jenn claiming to be a grassroots organizer for her favorite organizations that is funded by the super rich facist globalists that want it all and strive to achieve it by breaking America, the capitalist country that peoples around the world wish to come to from the tyrannical socialist country they come from. Stupid is as stupid does describes Jenn to a T.

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  2. Although the enemies tell us who they are with flashing neon signage, most in BN choose not to pay attention or bury their heads in the sand. Chances are come next spring the Bloomington City Council will likely resemble the ones in Oakland, San Francisco and Portland. It will be a political playpen for twenty-something halfwits who believe they are the next change agents of America. That said, BN doesn’t and will not care since it is populated more by the ignorant than the
    intelligent. Carrillo and the Garcia’s fashion themselves lieutenants of Atzlan and the coming Reconquista Mexico has dreamed about. Little do they know who is ready and who isn’t for the battle they are dreaming of. Their army is likely undermanned and under armed.


  3. I agree, this SJW has the most disgusting SMUG “fake smile” that IF she were giving you that SAME smile on the playground, you’d probably have living hell beat outta her!!
    As for her “thoughts” Of which they barely have 10 watts to them, they are AGAINST everything that she was elected to STAND UP FOR! Her and Crabeak, are a REAL disgrace to this council, the community, the political process and MANKIND in general!
    I nominate her to be on Space -X 1 on the FIRST mission to MARS, and she can start her own little world from the get go, and send Craybeak along with Matejka with them so they ALL have company and conversation..


  4. Now you know what is going on…. Looting is reparations!

    ‘Looting is reparations’: BLM protesters gather outside Chicago PD in support of looters who ransacked city Sunday night, as organizer claims ‘anything they wanted to take, they can take because these businesses have insurance’

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