In Support of Art and Camille Taylor 3.0 – the entire police interview

By:  Diane Benjamin

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This incident had NOTHING to do with race – Art and Camille Taylor made it about race.

Not In Our Town jumped at the chance to accuse Trump supporters of racism.  The entire video proves race played no part except to the Taylor’s.  See previous stories for that video.

There is one redaction at least 10 minutes into the video that can’t be explained.  Names were redacted, this spot makes no sense unless Art made a comment the City of Bloomington wanted to keep hidden.

It is evident early in the discussion that the vehicle parked in front of the Taylor’s house was not the right one.  Everybody could have had a nice exchange or a good laugh about it, it is the Taylor’s who kept elevating the conversation and accusing neighbors of racism.  At this point the neighbors – actually people around the corner and down the block – still did not know it was the Taylor’s house.

The officer did nothing wrong and really didn’t get a chance to say much.  The Taylor’s were too busy claiming racism.  This proves Art Taylor should resign from the Public Safety and Community Review Board.  He sees everything as racist and isn’t capable of clear thoughtful conversations.

It is tough to be a Trump supporter.  Their signs kept getting stolen and idiots harassed them in broad daylight.  They were the victims, not the Taylors.  If the Taylors do not apologize and anything happens at theneighbor’s homes, they should be held accountable.

Bloomington needs a Back the Blue rally.  The police need to know most citizens understand we can not live in a civil society without them.  Police need to know they are appreciated.  Details later.






12 thoughts on “In Support of Art and Camille Taylor 3.0 – the entire police interview

  1. A report by citizens of inappropriate and disturbing behavior goes askew. The “no….we are the victims, not you” people jump on the opportunity to RACIALLY BULLY the “real” victims about it and go into a diatribe of basically saying they’ve been waiting for it! Talk about “transparent!!” Which one is it that causes the problem in our society??

  2. I am sick of the hypocrisy of people who have been professionals in this community for years, taught our kids, have a very nice retirement on our backs and now complain. This has become complete reverse racism and is ridiculous. I think we all wanted to live together but they are showing they don’t want that at all.

  3. This is what happens when people have been brainwashed and see everything through the prism of race .and being a victim. They loose touch with reality.

      1. Please post if there is going to be a Back the Blue rally. I am sure 1000s will attend. No sarcasm, quite serious.

  4. Mrs. Taylor was my “counselor/advisor” at NCHS when we were at the old building. She was absolutely useless in preparing students for lift after graduation. After Principal Nuckols and V. Principal Shaw replaced, I mean had Bob Freeman forced out, EVERYTHING changed.

    The focus of the administration immediately changed to the current SJW culture of today. Now Unit 5 is a corporation that is just terrible for students and staff.

    I am ASHAMED Mrs. Taylor was my counselor.
    NIOT tried to shame Normal citizens when Orlando was forced on us. Excuse me, NIOT 1.0.
    Remember the elderly man beaten to death in the Eagle Grocery parking lot?

    Boo hoo. I want to be a victim too. I bet they thought they could milk this and get some attention.

    1. Wah wah wah. …. cry racism! Nice job art. You made yourself look like a fool. Just apologize to everybody and move on

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