In Support of Art and Camille Taylor

By:  Diane Benjamin

Follow-up to this story:

In spite of the title – this story is not “In Support of Art and Camille Taylor”.  Below is the heavily redacted video released by the City of Bloomington of the incident described in the previous story.

Why is it vital to know what really happened?

Art Taylor is a member of the Public Safety and Community Relations Board.  This board  will be holding hearings on police reforms.  If he is guilty of what is alleged in the first story he is unfit to serve on that board.

Camille Taylor is reportedly on the Board of Directors of Not In Our Town.  If the allegations against her are true, NIOT is a proven joke that exists only to harass people who aren’t socialist, communists, or progressive democrats.

If what Jon Boch reported is not true, why is this video heavily redacted?  The only reason is because the allegations are true and somebody at the City of Bloomington was talked into protecting the reputations of both Taylors.

This short clip is from the end of the video.  Prior to this moment the neighbors, Art Taylor, and the officer had all been discussing the incident.  Art had just walked back to his house, which is not on the same street.  The officer describes his first encounter with the Taylors, Art is described as immediately being defensive and not allowing the officer to talk.

That encounter has been redacted from the video.  Why is that Art?

The initial contact between the neighbors and the officer starts at 00:55.  The police were not called because of just one incident, previous vandalism of signs had occurred.  The suspect vehicle was parked in front of the houses with Trump signs for about 5 minutes blaring obscene and vulgar rap music about Trump – children were present.  (NIOT has the facts wrong in their story)  The vehicle was captured on 2 Ring cameras.  At no time did anyone accuse the Taylor’s of driving the car, they merely saw a similar car and it happened to be parked in front of the Taylor’s house.

From 4:00 to 24:12 the video has no sound.  This is obviously the officer talking with the Taylors.   If the alleged bigoted rant did not happen, why was that part be redacted?

Race has zero to do with this incident.  After this long redacted section Art Taylor, the neighbors, and the officers have a discussion.  Art immediately goes to race instead of realizing the neighbors called about a CAR not the people who lived in the house it was parked in front of.  I strongly suggest you listen to the discussion.  Start at 24:12.

Obviously the neighbors had no “race lens”, Art Taylor did.  Racism can never be eliminated when race-baiters frame every discussion through their perceived racial injustices len.  Taylor claimed they are the only blacks in the neighborhood, that is not true.

While Art Taylor is a member of the Public Safety and Community Relations Board (PSCRB) that board as no credibility.  Art Taylor eluded to some of what was alleged in what wasn’t redacted, keep in mind the neighbors have seen the un-redacted version.  If those allegations are not true the entire video needs to be released.  Art has two choices:  release the entire video or resign now from the PSCRB.  If Taylor immediately became defensive instead of having a discussion with the officer he proves he has no respect for the police and isn’t a guy who should be making rules for them.

This event must be canceled.  118 people have signed up to participate.  These people have no idea what they are supporting and will be driving by the innocent victims of people with Trump Disarrangement Syndrome.  It could turn ugly fast.

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Not In Our Town will never apologize for accusations made of racism.  Until all race-baiters are silenced people of color will see race as the reason for every problem.  Race had nothing to do with this incident, cars don’t come in different races. 

Entire video:

7 thoughts on “In Support of Art and Camille Taylor

  1. Their real hostility is the fact the person whose property was stolen is a Trump supporter. In 1871 Congress passed the Klan Act because the kkk the terrorist wing of the democrat party was intimidating voters. I think the message behind the vehicle parade is voter intimidation will be conducted by radicalized Democrats against Trump supporters. The more things change the more they stay the same.
    You should check out NIOT’s Facebook page. White liberals mad as hell Trump wants to protect black people in Chicago.

  2. I’m so glad we live in a country where acts of racism are so rare we have people making them up.

  3. As for the KKK, they have an INTERESTING part in AMERICAN history! Seems in 1924 the state of Colorado had a DEVOT klan member as governor, and they also published the “Rocky Mountain American” newspaper which was VERY Klan oriented. Well, to make the story brief, seems that they were rather “miffed” that “Eastern capitalists” would make money in the coal camps and the $$$$ would wind up in blue blood Boston or Philly. So when a NEW guy came on he scene and wanted to advertise in their paper, he took a REALLY GREAT JAB at the Klan, as he had just opened a new store in a coal camp in Kremmerer, Wyoming, and they “twisted” him into an ad, so knowing that the miners wives washed their clothes in “mine runoff water” J.C. Penney placed an ad in their paper for a SPRING WHITE SALE and had “Sheets and Pillowcases” for .50 cents, as he knew they WOULD need new outfits for the upcoming season, and that IS where he “SPRING WHITE SALE ” came from…
    Can’t make this stuff up!

  4. Somebody might say? They might say it? But if they don’t say it? Then you can’t complain about it and use the race card then can you? But you can’t use the race card because they might say hey who’s this black kid riding his bike around this neighborhood. Art you are a big blowhard. Bordering on a phony! Art
    You’re basically saying that all white people are racist. How dare you!

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