The Police Aren’t the Problem

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington is going to hold community meetings concerning police reforms or as two Council members want – defunding the police.

The video below was shot by a citizen who at times sounds reasonable.  The crowd around her is vulgar and abusive to the officers.  30 second before the end a male voice makes a threat.

Watch how the Bloomington police respond.  Listen to how people who have no interest in living in a civil society respond.

It isn’t the police that need reforms.


6 thoughts on “The Police Aren’t the Problem

  1. It’s amazing that as body cameras become more popular across the country, the number of complaints against police dropped dramatically. No, not because people knew they’d be on film, but rather because suspects and members of the public would routine falsify stories or exaggerate claims. It seems there’s a segment of the population that does not want laws to be enforced. This is the same population mind you that wants to use the law to take more of your tax dollars and to control private enterprise.

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  2. What REALLY amazes me, is that there are SEVERAL other people in this video that COULD be charged with Disorderly conduct or even obstruction. Obviously they don’t care, and the police already have ENOUGH paperwork with the “suspects in custody”.. Yet they KEEP yelling and carrying on…
    Good job on keeping PROFESSIONAL to the police!

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    1. Great visual recruiting tool on YouTube and social media for businesses that may want to relocate or grow in BN. The woke mob is steering the future of BN.

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  3. Not a single citizen was concerned about contracting COVID-19 enough to wear a mask of their own either, so I don’t really see the relevance of your comment. Is that not inappropriate pandemic behavior as well? More cherry picking, I see. Just like BLM ignoring all the babies that have been murdered in their name. The name LeGend Taliferro has barely sparked a whimper from black and progressive activists, and here you are whining about masks. Why is Beyonce, or JayZ, or Shaun King, or Tariq Nasheed not doubling the FBI’s $25,000 reward for information into his murder? Why does his Black Life Matter less than George Floyd’s? Or Rayshard Brooks’ life? You’re on a blog you obviously disagree with; children are getting murdered sleeping in their own beds and playing in their own yards and you’re here, of all places, crying about masks?? No wonder this country is in the state it’s in.

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