Normal: Your elected officials are immaterial

By:  Diane Benjamin

Executive Orders used to at least be signed by Chris Koos.  No longer!

Now the Town of Normal is issuing edicts from on high as press releases.

Your elected Council Trustees had NO input and were not asked to agree or disagree.

This is the latest:—extension-announced-through-November-1


Businesses affected by actions of the Town of Normal should be speaking to an attorney about suing the Town for Normal and/or Chris Koos personally for violating their Constitutional Rights and the Illinois Constitution.

Town Code declares orders by Koos expire in 6 days, the Council has never been consulted.  Pritzker’s executive orders expired after 30. (ear;y April)


How many deaths?

cdc deaths

mclean Covid

Since the Health Department is not reporting the number of tests, look at this website:

20,176 tested in McLean County and they found 411 cases.

That is a positive rate of 2%.

If you are sick or have risk factors stay home.  Everyone else should be allowed to make a living.  Your local governments don’t agree.

CDC is no longer calling COVID a pandemic.  Did you know that one?

8 thoughts on “Normal: Your elected officials are immaterial

  1. Democratic mayors and governors across the country are on a single-minded mission:

    1. Do what ever they can to destroy their own economies in hopes it will help elect Biden and Democrats.

    2. Do what ever they can to destroy their own economies with the hopes of a federal bailout (We all know the budget problems they already have)

    3. Separate their constituents from anything resembling a normal existence and replace it with conformity and fear

    4. Brainwash, control and place fear in the minds of the population by any and all means.

    5. Destroy the history, the religion and the institutions of our country in preparation of creating the new Soviet Man/Woman in their coming Marxist State

    Yes, this is an existential threat to our country, it’s people and our democracy.

    Democrats like Koos, Renner and the catfish who runs Chicago are our enemies.

    I am for fighting these communist bastards at every turn… how about you?

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  2. There will be MANY more covid tests run locally as ISU and schools are “strongly recommending” all students be tested before the school year starts. Parents who are scared should realize there are currently 4 deaths in children under the age of 20 for the entire state of IL.

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  3. Unless the public stands up to Koos and Reece they will continue to rule with an iron fist over their fiefdom. As Koos would say, Diane you are just noise.

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  4. But, but, ole JB says this is NOT a blue or RED thing, it’s about life and death! We must take shelter in underground bunkers and hide from daylight and avoid people at ALL COSTS to END this REPUBLICAN “kung flu” Meanwhile his family is STILL in FLA riding horses and living LARGE -just like him!
    SO, McLean county has had 15 deaths of which TEN were in a CONFINED nursing home and we STILL have some of the lowest numbers, while OTHER counties in IL have had ZERO deaths!
    Let’s look at the numbers for the 1918 Influenza outbreak or the Korean flu in the 50’s or even the “flu” that was around in 1969 that killed 100,000 people and WHAT did they do? WOODSTOCK!

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  5. As an aside, this is TYPICAL Democrat “crisis mode”! Make it a threat to life on earth, and get the government to GIVE us money, so we can cover OUR spending, and it don’t look so bad, since it’s being paid, and THEN we can have ANOTHER crisis and spend even MORE!!!
    Gee, that’s STD!! Never noticed that before…

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  6. Went to get a haircut today. Waited in the car with the car running, AC on full blast so I wouldn’t boil and die in my car. I guess glo-bull warming isn’t such a big deal anymore.


  7. Not a pandemic anymore? Then why is my mom still locked up at her assisted living building? Isn’t THAT a violation of her rights? She has been locked up since the beginning of March. “For her safety” By order of the crook in Springfield, Pritzker . “For her safety?” She finally demanded she be allowed to go to her dermatologist. They removed 14 melanomas from her face and arms. If she could have gone to her March appointment she would have had less.


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