This is what diversity looks like?!?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Public Safety and Community Relations Board met yesterday.  Since “diversity” has it’s roots in DIVIDE, this board is the perfect example of what that means:

pscrb diversity

One white community member and THREE minority members.  One member was absent, Jeff Woodard – also minority:

pscrb missing guy

Monday night Tari is making an appointment to fill one of the two empty seats, also a minority:

pscrb no diversity

That makes 5-1 minority.  If that was reversed minorities would be screaming racism.

Can we say Diversity = Racism?

Maybe the Board name should really be Public Safety and Minority Community Relations Board, it obviously doesn’t represent the community.

This very un-diverse group has one member who proved he isn’t qualified to judge actions of the police or the public – Art Taylor.

Citizens need to contact Tari Renner and the Council about Art Taylor!

I wonder if this very un-diverse group knows black Americans want the police in their neighborhoods, they will be hearing from the public about de-funding the police.

Of course the Marxists radicals will show up and demand social workers instead of police.  If people who want law enforcement in their neighborhood don’t voice an opinion, forget about calling 911.  Police won’t be responding.

I wonder why Chief Donath decided to retire after only a year?  He’s only 51.  Article from 8/28/19









8 thoughts on “This is what diversity looks like?!?

  1. Did you hear Ms. Fish discuss her personal evaluation of candidates? Skin color, sex trump skill sets. And the best part: she rolled by the applicants’ addresses. It doesn’t get much more superficial than looking at someone’s residence. But wait, there’s more! She ruled out an applicant for the PSCRB based upon a BLM yard sign. “We’re supposed to be building bridges,” she said. And the BLM sign in the applicant’s yard was obviously unacceptable towards that end.

    If that’s the standard, why is Art still on the board with not one, but two anti-Trump signs in his yard?

  2. HEY! I’m a single WHITE male over 55, and I REALLY feel that I’m NOW IN A MINORITY, especially with all the BLM, and crap like that on the news. THey don’t paint WHITE LIVES MATTER on the NY city streets..
    DO I get points for manual labor also??
    How about a college degree?

  3. Diversity of thought is not allowed as even George Orwell couldn’t have predicted this much lunacy. However Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels is mighty proud.

  4. I wonder how much good it would do to contact the city council about this. Didn’t we have two members of the council say that rioting and looting was okay a couple of months ago? I think they said it was a form of free expression didn’t they?

    Somehow the people of Bloomington need to get off their butts and go to the next election to get rid of this circus of clowns.

  5. FYI- I looked at race and gender and even age in trying to get a better diversified board. I went by residences to see if any signs were in yards to keep far left and far right leaning people out of my suggested selection on new board members. This board has tried to stay in the middle, a bridge and we were asked to review numerous applications. I also look at properties of applicants to see how they are maintained, means this person has pride in their home and community, no matter where they live in this city . All of this plus the applications helped me to make an informed selection suggestion. Also looked at wards for over all representation. Facts , fair, straight forward.

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