Did Koos con the Connect Transit Working Group?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Thanks to the Pantagraph for pointing out that Chris Koos serves on the Advisory Board of Transportation for America.  https://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/watch-now-normal-mayor-chris-koos-nominated-for-amtrak-board-of-directors/article_f7dc9015-4f0a-512f-9117-e35eb5af8b0e.html

Who is Transportation for America?


smart growth

Smart Growth America is the consultant who never finished what they were hired for with the Connect To The Future Working Group.

Think back.  Many citizens were unhappy with the direction Connect Transit was taking with route cuts and overall service.  It was obvious the goal wasn’t to serve people who had no alternative transportation.  Suddenly a Working Group is formed complete with a consultant.  The same consultant just happens to be the parent organization of a Board Chris Koos sits on.

Said consultant must not have steered the Working Group where Connect wanted to go, so they disappeared without completing their contract.

Smell a setup?

The supposed purpose of the Working Group was to address the issues raised by citizens month after month after month.  It turned into Connect needs more money.  Now the General Manager decides it’s time to leave. (impose ideology and move on fast?)

Since the Connect Transit Board was appointed by 2 mayors who believe in the path they are on, expect somebody just like Issac Thorne to take over.  The goal has always been to make everyone possible ride the bus, not serve those with no alternative.

Chris Koos will now, if confirmed, bring the same ideology to the Amtrak Board.  Good thing Amtrak is already a failure.  Amtrak is just another example of a government program that can’t work because ideology take precedence over common sense, just like Connect Transit.  Koos is a perfect fit.

Just to prove Smart Growth America was the consultant:

Click to access cttf-reading-materials-for-08.17-w-attachments.pdf


9 thoughts on “Did Koos con the Connect Transit Working Group?

  1. Traitors to America are working to destroy it. Enter Chris Koos, Tari Renner, and the ignorance of their misguided, lied to lemmings.

  2. I’m sure a seat on the Amtrak board board comes with a hefty director fee and travel perks! A nice payoff to Koos!

  3. Koos used his elected role to get a hefty contract for a company his is a board member. Isn’t that the definition of corruption?

      1. Diane – it was reported Bloomington and Normal paid for the consultant. I expect the exact payments can be FOIA’d. Koos has significant control of the purse strings in Normal being Mayor and Pam’s cohort in spending sprees I.e. the artwork he wanted and made Pam pay for. Koos also hand picks the Connect board members. It was recently on display that he does not allow input or criticism from council for his choices. Appointments are to be rubber stamped and put in place to do his bidding.

        Here is an excerpt from a WGLT article saying Normal was expected to pay for a portion of the consultant’s fee.

        Meanwhile, the Connect Transit board also approved a $53,000 facilitator contract with Smart Growth America for the Connect To The Future working group.

        “We as transit trustees do not expect for Connect Transit to be responsible for, perhaps, the total reimbursement,” board member Judy Buchanan said. She said she expects the Town of Normal and City of Bloomington to provide some financial support.”

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