UPDATE: Vogel shows why Democrats can’t lead

Two refugees arrested on terror charges – in different States!


Got it yet Steve?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Today Steve Vogel proved that Democrats do not have the ability to govern or keep the country safe.  Most of us already knew that, but Vogel was nice enough to put it in writing for all to see.

Vogel thinks Mark Kirk should be ashamed of his ads against Tammy Duckworth.  Stevie thinks Kirk is “fostering fear” and “feeding the dark undercurrents” of society by exposing the Duckworth plans to bring, I think, 1000 Syrian refugees here.

(I’ve always found that Democrats are guilty of exactly what they accuse other people of doing!)

I can’t stand Mark Kirk, but I detest Steve Vogel.  Pantagraph:  He’s all you’ve got?

Here’s some facts for you Stevie:

  • The Constitution doesn’t say that everybody who wants to come here should be allowed in.  Immigration policy must benefit America, not use America as a dumping ground for the world.  It isn’t un-American to say You Can’t Come.  We’ve done it before!
  • These refugees can not be vetted.  Syria is not a civil society where birth, marriage, and police records can be accessed at will.  ISIS has their own passport printing machines.  I’d be willing to bet you they are using them!

Did you miss ISIS saying they ARE going to put terrorists in with the refugees?

Did you miss those ISIS members that immigrated to Paris, and then killed 130 people?  Maybe Associated Press (Pantagraph’s news source) missed those stories.

Did you miss the Pakistani women who shot up San Bernardino?  Pakistan is much more of a civil society than Syria, but they missed her?  Blows that we are bringing in “women and children” theory, right Stevie?

Mark Kirk wasn’t fostering fear, he was using common sense.  Open borders are already putting American citizens at risk.  Potentially bringing in ISIS terrorists with refugees is lunacy – even if it’s only one.  How many Americans have to die so you can feel good about yourself Stevie?

Why don’t you ask Saudi Arabia to take them.  Gee, I wonder why they aren’t.

Better yet, call up Duckworth and tell her you will take some at your house.

The American people aren’t stupid Vogel.  They know Democrats are endangering their lives, I predict more terror attacks this year in America.  Americans will die because Democrats refuse to protect them.  That duty is in the Constitution – read it lately Steve?

It’s talk like your column today that is going to once again wipe out Democrats in November.

The election can’t come soon enough.


PS  Mark Kirk is one of those Republicans that doesn’t stand for anything other than keeping his Senate seat.  In March, vote for James  Marter instead!





25 thoughts on “UPDATE: Vogel shows why Democrats can’t lead


  2. And pollsters wonder WHY mexicans are heading BACK to the homeland in numbers??
    IF I want a funny idea I read the comics, IF I look at Steve’s column, I’m probably rolling up the paper to start a fire. ONLY supreme IDIOTS would want to bring people into a country that WANT to kill innocent people and take away the innocent people’s guns!!
    WANT to completely SOLVE the budget crisis-TAX the heck out of stupid ideals, and the democrats could fund us until the next ice age!

  3. Like all emotions, fear is irrational. Those who do not want Syrian refugees here are thinking logically given the history of terrorist activity associated with that country. Those who fail to study historical events are doomed to repeat them.

    1. I have had enough of the protecting America nonsense when we have people like Timothy McVeigh and Dylan Roof living here as citizens by birth. Heck, we can add all the other school shooters and mass shooters. Anyone can take an ideology and decide to kill someone. To collectively say that it’s dumb rednecks, high school drop-outs, gun nuts, scared white people, inner-city hoodlums, or gays, is just as bad as pinning ISIS on Syrian refugees. You must have been a peach when the Hmongs were brought here from Laos. After all, most were not Christian, looked like the people we were fighting in ‘Nam, so there must be a Communist conspiracy.

      1. Mickey, it is normal and logical to want to protect oneself and ones family from people who have or wish to cause them harm.

        Japanese Americans were put in concentration camps after Pearl Harbor was bombed. German Americans were considered spies during WWII. The Vietnam war began as a war of independence against French Imperialism. The USA became involved during the Kennedy administration in support of France. China supported the fight for Vietnam’s independence against USA involvement. Some Americans weren’t happy about the bringing people from Southeast Asia to the USA but it was done for political asylum from Communism. Radical Muslims have attacked on US and European soil more than once. That is an act of war. Just recently, two Muslim men who were training at the same Florida airfield as the high-jackers that crashed into theTwin Towers have “gone missing”–looks like history repeating itself maybe? Since when has it been appropriate to invite potentially radicalized or dangerous groups of people to live here?

  4. How about for every Syrian brought over, we send to Syria, one American Democrat . . . a cultural exchange program, if you will. A civilian Democrat, too . . . see how they “tolerate” it.

    Also, where do they propose these refugees live? In their neighborhoods??? When will their hypocritical NIMBYism kick in?

    1. Why stop there? For each gay who wants to marry, let’s exchange a KKK member for a resident of the Castro area in San Francisco. Then gays won’t want to marry. Or for each person who loses a job, we send the company CEO to live in a homeless shelter. Then people won’t complain about welfare and unemployment. Do you really think people are going to say no more refugees when they see people living in crowded tent cities and people crawling out of rubble from buildings that we bombed? Do you refuse to help the hungry by telling people to go live on the street and hoping people we will be so disgusted by the mere thought that they will support your view?

      I pray your ancestors did not have to deal with the lack of intelligent thought you displayed right there. Do
      you feel any better having devalued someone’s life just because someone thinks they are dangerous?

      1. Mickey, If we are going to spend taxpayer money, maybe it should be spent on American families who are homeless, unemployed or malnourished before inviting radicalized groups who have declared “death and destruction to America.”

    2. Seriously? You think people escaping Communism have more priority and are somehow not as dangerous as other people escaping war?

      The thing is: being a refugee is no more an indicator of violence than some new person moving into your neighborhood. People are scared because someone looks different from them. You want the same fair treatment but don’t want extend it to other people because they might be dangerous? Sounds a bit hypocritical.

      Diane, I will gladly defend refugees even if one out of 100,000 commits a terrorist act. Just as you will back gun owners when some non-refugee decides to shoot up a school. Funny thing is you probably wouldn’t e-mail your opinions on gun control to any grieving family. So how does suggesting I should do similar for my views make anymore sense?

      1. That’s an interesting point, but allow me to make one. In every one of these mass shootings that aren’t terrorist attacks, the family knew the person had mental health issues. They did nothing to keep a gun out of their hands. We know terrorists are in the refugees population. Why bring them here when countries in their area should be providing refuge? American citizens are entitled to not be killed by stupid decisions their government makes.

      2. To suggest the families of the gunmen all knew what was going on is a stretch. The most popular refrain I hear is “we didn’t know.” Why prevent refugees from coming here if we can’t identify every single gunman/woman here in this country? There is not a two-year vetting process for gun sales or gun sale quotas. Yet a person fleeing persecution has to go through a two-year process. Not everyone is let into this country. I don’t recall massacre after massacre after large refugee intakes in past decades. Despite the feel-good narrative, our country has been as unwelcoming to refugees as we have been accepting of them. How can we call ourselves exceptional if we can’t be bothered to help those who need it the most?

        1. Check your facts! There is no 2 year process, they are already coming! Also check how many people were turned away at Ellis Island. Exceptional doesn’t mean suicidal! Did you check all the benefits Obama is planning on handing out? Life-time Dem voters is the only reason he wants them.

      3. Mickey, no group from Southeast Asia before, during or after the Viet Nam War attacked Americans on US soil. They were defending their own country from foreign invaders.
        Do the three planes turned into missiles on 9/11/2001 mean anything to you? How about the Boston Marathon Bombing? The female Muslim shooter in California was here on a visa. Ignoring historical facts is foolishness.
        Do I feel empathy for the Syrian refugees? Yes. Do I feel responsible for their plight? No.

      4. Mickey, I am responding to the connections you are making between various immigrant groups. You brought up the Hmongs, who, by the way, did not promote terrorism. The Irish immigrants were not affiliated with terrorists either. Much of the problems in Syria are a result of U.S. foreign policy and European Imperialism. No, actually, the Middle East has been a hot-bed of violence for millennia.

        According to the Time magazine article, the 18-24 month process begins with a UN review. There are Syrian refugees already here and are located in cities around the country. Today, the Pantagraph reported even Sweden and Denmark have tightened their borders in the aftermath of the Paris bombings. It is not heartless, but rather within reason, to refuse entrance to refugees from countries promoting terrorism.

    1. Congratulations on being predictable. I’ll play along: Sounds like you are volunteering to travel to Syria and destroy radical Islam.

      Sounds dumb doesn’t it?

    1. Diane, the civil war in Syria has been going on since 2012. It’s 2016, perhaps they are done reviewing a few cases. Maybe they expedited some. Just a wild guess.

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