This Letter to the Editor states the Obvious!

Need burial for GOP

Published: Saturday, April 5, 2014 5:30 a.m. CD

To the Editor:

Only in the Republican wasteland called Illinois can a sitting Republican senator, in this case called Kirk, state that he is not going to campaign for the Republican nominee for the seat now held by the Democrat, Dick Durbin.

Kirk said he didn’t want to make his Democratic fellow senator mad and that it would cause political jihad. Durbin, who couldn’t believe his good fortune, thanked Kirk publicly, which should have been Kirk’s first clue that he messed up.

Kirk would have to become more Republican to attain the status of a RINO. In most other, maybe all other states, Kirk would be called out by someone in the Republican Party, but not in the wasteland where everyone seems happy with one-party rule and the old-guard Republicans just want to go along and get along.

Maybe the reason no one is calling him out is because we really don’t have any real Republican leaders in this state. The old-guard Republicans and the RINOs are afraid the up-and-coming Republicans are going to kill the GOP in Illinois.

I say, the Republican Party is already dead in Illinois, and we should give it a proper burial. The sooner, the better.

Thomas Powell

Spring Grove

One thought on “This Letter to the Editor states the Obvious!

  1. The Republican party is dead in Illinois because we have idiots like Mark Kirk, Jim Oberweis, Billy Bod Brady and Dan Rutherford driving the bus.

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