Bloomington FLEX-the League’s side of the story

by:  Diane Benjamin

This morning I talked to Dominic Turcotte, VP of Operations for the PBL – the league that suspended the FLEX for all of 2015.

Here’s some bullet points:

  • Scott Henderson was involved with organizing the League structure in the beginning.  The playoff structure was designed by Scott and approved by the other owners
  • Henderson has been paid close to $100,000 for work done for the League and other items, PBL could not go into further detail because of pending legal action
  • Henderson was removed from organizing the League due to unspecified reasons. Management was returned to the Chicago office
  • The problems between Henderson and the League were ongoing, failure to travel was just the final straw

The Flex was finally suspended after Scott Henderson failed to agree to play in Rochester NY on April 6th.  The PBL offered to play games of the championship series during the week.   Henderson said his team couldn’t do it.  The only weekend date available in Rochester was Sunday April 6th.  The Flex had a game Friday night, Henderson told the PBL they didn’t have time to play Friday and travel for a Sunday game.  The League then offered to pay for the team to fly on Saturday.  Henderson said he couldn’t because of a prior personal  commitment on Saturday.  Then the League offered to fly the team Saturday and Henderson on Sunday.  Henderson would not agree to that either.  Henderson wanted all games moved to the Coliseum.

The PBL refused and the Flex was suspended.  Dominic Turcotte said numerous emails will be presented during legal action to support the PBL position.  They will be attempting to recover some of the money paid to Henderson.

One more note:  Mr. Turcotte informed me the Flex will not be admitted back into the PBL League if Scott Henderson is involved.






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  1. Thanks for digging that up!! Of course, without you, we would of never known that because we really don’t have any unbiased media in this city. GREAT WORK!

  2. “Little” is an understatement. Now, Let me share this wonder bit of news and jam it down a few people throats!

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