Vaccine facts:

By: Diane Benjamin


Breakthrough Infections, Deaths Among COVID-19 Vaccinated Rose in Recent Months: CDC

Click the link to read the story.

Maybe that story is why IDPH was late posting the weekly numbers, for days the site showed “Page Not Found”:

The new numbers are now posted, the trend in Illinois is following the story above. The chart below updates this original story:

If you think vaccinations are going to prevent infections or death, you are wrong. All of the numbers below are vaccinated people. I had to create a chart because IDPH was only showing cumulative numbers. The trend was not good last week:

13 thoughts on “Vaccine facts:

    1. It was time to do that from the get-go instead of telling people to “self isolate” until they get sick enough that they can stick them on a vent or pump them full of some sort of Faucci approved crap like remdesevir. The “doctors”, a lot of them, are all in with this horror show. I have wondered if any of them are having any serious regrets for what they have been party to.

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      1. Probably at this point in time they are more concerned about malpractice from prescribing non-vaccine drugs since the FDA, CDC, Fauci etc. are all government run. But there will come a time when the negligence of all involved will be exposed. And there are doctors out there (hopefully around here) who still believe in their oath.

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          1. Very true. How many doctors have been made examples of by losing their jobs when they go against the orthodoxy? And how many people will have to die before the orthodoxy changes?


  1. Here is what to take if you want to protect yourself from the virus variants that are being incubated inside the vaccinated. This enhances your bodies immune system:

    Vitamin C
    Vitianm D3

    “Breakthrough infections” is a euphemistic catchphrase created by Big Pharma to hide what THEY know is happening. It sounds like the virus is just so strong that it “breaks” through the vaccine wall, right? Not the vaccine’s fault at all, right? Well as you might imagine, they are lying to us. They know exactly what the breakthrough infections are. They are a symptom of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) in the vaccinated. And a 3rd and 4th booster is not going to make things better.

    Here is the real science for anyone who cares:

    “Antibody-dependent enhancement of coronavirus”

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    1. Trouble2,
      agree about what to take but you should be careful how much you take. Especially zinc as it can deplete copper in your system.

      This is where doctors should be out front with guidance, support and even doing blood tests to confirm what you need.

      But they’re all sitting in their offices hoping nobody will ask them to do anything more than tell you to get the shot.


      1. Right? I research everything pretty well. Not with Google of course. You have to use Duck Duck Go since Google is part of the genocide machine.

        I saw for months scientists, doctors, and nurses talking about ADE. I made a concerted effort to learn as much as I could about our immune system and how it works. I have been accumulating information ever since. This scientific paper I published above is just one of many documents I have on our immune system.

        A really brief scan of this paper should terrify anyone with a functioning brain.

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        1. Trouble,
          sounds like me. I don’t trust what we are being fed. The only way is to try and read research on your own. Thanks for the article. I’ve read the summary and will go through the whole thing. Very interesting.

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