Normal’s Monday council festivities

By: Diane Benjamin

Not much on Monday’s agenda:

There will be an appointment to the Human Relations Commission, but it’s a secret. The people served by this appointee don’t get to know who it is until his Royal Highness Koos allows you to know.

The expenses below are for Chemberly Cumming’s activist training camp. The question that needs answered: If Stan Nord wanted to hold a class for high schoolers to teach them about government – would the Town of Normal taxpayers be funding it with the blessing of Pam Reece? 🤣

I hope this is for more than one vehicle:









4 thoughts on “Normal’s Monday council festivities

  1. The PURPOSE of Municipal Government: MUNICIPAL RESOURCES to Provide:
    • Clean Water, Solid Waste removal, Facilities maintenance (parks, streetlights, municipal buildings)
    • Zoning & building regulations, law enforcement, fire protection, promote ED.

    Property Taxes, USER FEES (sewer/water/solid waste), LOCAL SALES TAX, taxes on LOCAL businesses…

    LIMITATIONS: PUBLIC FUNDS can only be used for public purposes (see above); cannot be used for private purposes…not where the expenditure of money is directly for the private benefit of certain individuals
    • If the dominant motive is to promote a private purpose, the expenditure would be invalid even if incidentally some public purpose also is served.

    PUBLIC FUNDS CLAUSE: application of tax money for other that public purposes (as mentioned) is a deprivation of property without due process of law.
    • ILSC: Public funds, property or credit shall be used only for public purposes (see above)
    • Council members take an oath to uphold the State & US Constitution.

    Just sayin’

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