Ethics missing in Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

From this story about Chemberly Cummings campaigning with tax dollars:

One of the people getting paid with tax dollars is a former campaign intern for Chemberly. I wonder if that’s why Mallory’s $500 is called a “stipend” while the other person’s $500 is called “mentor”.

Malloy didn’t get paid for being an intern, is this political payback Chemberly?

Would Pam Reece see an ethics problem if Stan Nord was doing this? Republicans Kathleen Lorenz and Scott Preston don’t have a problem funding Chemberly’s next campaign? Rumor is Preston wants to replace Dan Brady, is he really this blind? Do taxpayers see a problem?

From the previous story:

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8 thoughts on “Ethics missing in Normal

  1. Ethics among thieves and liars? You will not hear anything about this from the criminals running Normal or their cool-aid filled cheerleaders: Production at the Rivian plant is 2 vehicles per day for a total of 56 vehicles in 5 weeks of production.

    Now, this is a secret that they don’t want you to know. So please don’t share it. Don’t talk about it. It doesn’t exist. Everything is fine. Comply, Do your job, Be Happy

    The Rivian Electric Truck Problem No One Is Talking About

    1. Also check out “$73,000 Electric Rivian R1T Is Cute But It’s Not A Work Truck” by Hannah Elliott; “Rivian Reveals Large Losses In IPO Filing” by NY Times, and “Rivian Trucks Get All The Attention But It’s Fate Is Tied To Amazon” by Ludlow and Naughton. Also reports from insiders that several people on the line are struggling to put the product together and the floor operation is a cluster.

      1. We X Mitsubishi people are not geniuses, but we do know what it takes to make vehicles. Many of us wanted a “real car company” to move into this plant or anyone but this group of amateurs. They do make for some good laughs when we talk about them. Yes, we would have walked if Mitsubishi could have only made 56 vehicles in the first 5 weeks of production. Many of us came from good production jobs and would have had no confidence or respect for a company this messed up. I would have gone back to my old job. Many of us thought that they had just enough smarts to buy the plant and strip it for recycling. But their PR efforts and their cool-aid drinking supporters helped bring them truckloads of $100 dollar bills which produced a feeding frenzy of optimism (along with a divorce from reality). Yes, the cars (or trucks or delivery vans) have to consistently roll out the back in large numbers and they have to be of world-class quality. I remember the shifts competing for who could make the most cars. At the time we were making 6 different cars on the same line (still a record). I believe that 2nd shift won the competition with a night of 515 cars produced. We all know what it means when you produce 2 cars a day: Your organization is a joke and you will soon be out of business.

  2. Pam and Koos want a local Democrat puppet elected as State Rep. Renner would be getting their backing if he hadn’t ended the MetroZone…In steps Chemberly. Normal’s rubber stamp council will protect Pam and say Chemberly’s campaign financing was approved by the council.

    Voters need to get off the ethics wagon and realize we are in Illinois, the most politically corrupt state. Another consequence of local elections and a weak GOP.

  3. Aye, Renner’s facing hurricane headwinds and has burned more bridges than Sherman’s March – thus – he won’t be representing anything. His ego may allow him to run – but hisself won’t allow him to win.

  4. In a community like Normal, filled with amoral recipients of taxpayer-extorted six-figure entitlements (all to “work” about four or five months out of the year), Chemberly is their wet dream come true. What’s a little quid pro quo when you’ve got a politically bullet-proof tool to do your bidding?

  5. Cummings is not very smart. Just listen to her attempt to contribute at council meetings. And when she says, “Point of Order,” she’s just being a parrot for koos. She truly has no clue. Sadly, those are exactly the “qualifications,” the leftists are looking for.

  6. Trouble2: I have been in the same room with Scaringe twice. Things I came away with that he is a liar, knows nothing about actual vehicle manufacturing and was looking for chump cities that would believe his fantasy of his yuppie off road dreamsicle. He was looking for an inflated IPO in order to give his company some validity and give something value that currently has zero. He will sell any of his interest sooner than later. Amazon wanted to be at the table for the battery tech and p.r. They could care less about the stupid van long term. Like you said, the whole thing is smoke and mirrors and the name Rivian won’t last five or six years tops if they are lucky. Scaringe saw the fools he was looking for in the BN leadership and went all in. The best entertainment is yet to come.

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