Requiring vaccinations will hurt you

By: Diane Benjamin

To Community Players who only want vaccinated people at their shows, and Marcus Theaters who are doing shows just for the vaxed:

Being vaccinated doesn’t prevent hospitalization, death, or even getting Covid:

Illinois hospitalizations and deaths in fully vaccinated people:

Those are only the serious breakthrough cases, many more still get Covid but aren’t tracked.

These numbers are as of 1/19/2022.

One month ago the numbers were 5299 hospitalized and 1429 deaths.

That’s 1345 hospitalized in one month and 736 deaths.

The Illinois Department of Public Health updates the numbers every Wednesday. I’ve been putting them in a spreadsheet for months. IDPH only reports totals, they don’t want you to see trends. Obviously hospitalizations and deaths are increasing on a weekly basis. Early treatment is the answer to ending this trend, it’s too late when you can’t breath.

Pretending being vaccinated protects you is really deceiving yourself . Businesses that go along with this farce will pay for it. Go woke, go broke.

16 thoughts on “Requiring vaccinations will hurt you

  1. Well when you make up numbers out of whole cloth and blow smoke up people’s backsides, That really means you full of it.

    In the state of Illinois the number of deaths from breakthrough cases is 2,165 or 0.028% of Fully Vaccinated Population. The number of hospitalizations in the state of fully vaccinated is 6,644 or 0.085% of Fully Vaccinated Population. Of those death most were over 65 and involved immocompromised patients. Those deaths are out of a population of over 12 million.

    The vaccines are safe and effective. You are not an Epidemiologist nor are you an expert on vaccines, so you very uninformed opinion is just that, uninformed. 210,021,766 Americans have been vaccinated.

    Those who are vaccinated and boosted usually have mild symptoms that do not need hospitalization.

    Any person who isn’t getting vaccinated is a fool and apparently there are plenty of fools on this blog. Vaccines are a modern miracle people don’t die of illnesses like they did a hundred years or even 70 years ago. When polio was running through this country when the vaccine was introduced, parents lined their children up to receive them. Now in this country polio is not a disease anymore that we experience. A vaccine will not hurt you. I think that the writer of this blog should take care that she get vaccinated. Being 60 something and unvaccinated in a area experiencing high omicron spread is a recipe for getting sick and even dying.

      1. Yep that one is lost, fully under the spell and suffering from Stockholm Syndrome as well I would imagine.S/he equates this frankenshot with other vaccines like the polio vaccine and it is not even NEARLY in the same category. By the way, I know a bunch of un-jabbed over 50’s and 60’s who have had omicron, and they are all fine, even some chubby ones. I am also wondering what they are going to do when they are finally told they don’t have to wear the niqab/face rag/mask anymore – I will BET you they keep right on wearing one, and frankly, I don’t care what they do, just so they don’t FORCE others into doing it.

    1. PJ,

      Since I write poetry and short stories, it is quite natural for me to think in visional images that I later convert into words. I want to thank you for your comment. It created a wonderful visual image for me and really made me smile on this gloomy Sunday morning.

      Here it is: You are at a Casino. You have just bet all your chips at the roulette table (your life and the lives of your family most likely) that the BS you just regurgitated here is true.

      I am standing there in the Casino watching you bet YOUR LIFE this crap is true!

      If you are wrong I will be seeing your obituary.

      If you are right you will continue to be a woke shill for the communists.

      And you guessed it… nothing happens to me.

      Please, the 4th Booster is on the way.

      Put your money where your mouth is and get it.

      The Non-GMO Pure Bloods are watching your roulette wheel spin and waiting to see if you win your bet.


    2. Looking at this as total deaths of the vaccinated population is not the right way to look at this. The vaccine is meant to prevent you from getting and dying from Covid, And early on, the vaccines were moderately effective in this regard. That said, I have been tracking since October 2021, and vaccinated deaths from Covid represent fully one third of Covid deaths in Illinois. This is entirely based on IDPH data. Furthermore, vaccinated deaths only represent those who are considered to be fully vaccinated- meaning those who have had two shots and are at least 14 days after their final dose. This means that anyone who had one shot, or who had two shots but caught Covid within 14 days of the second dose is considered to be not vaccinated. If these numbers were included in the vaccinated count, the number of deaths would be even higher.

      1. I do so love it when people have actual information. It’s also worth noting the co-morbidities the majority of those who died had, many (most) had 4 or more, any bad case of flu could have ended their lives and yes I know Karen, Becky and Ken the Beast from Wuhan isn’t “the flu”.

  2. Dr. Robert J Malone is an expert, if not THE expert about the subject. Perhaps P Jamison should read up on his thoughts. And by the way PJ, liberalism is a disease as well and you are most certainly showing the signs of being infected. I would suggest a few shots of Jack Daniels, might help you loosen up a bit.

  3. “PJ” says “210,021,766 Americans have been vaccinated”. I wonder, Has s/he taken into account the fact that there are approx 329 million people in the USA (counted) and that around 48 million are under the age of 12 and another 25 or so million are 12-17? According to the BS numbers s/he has swallowed that would mean that there are only 36 million adults 18 and over left un-jabbed in the entire country. I could also go into the demographics racially and geographically but that would likely confound the dear thing terribly and s/he would have to run and pray to the Saint Anthony Fauci icon s/he likely has on an alter somewhere in their house so I’ll show mercy and refrain. Pretty soon Biden or Saint Tony will come on and tell them that 350 million Americans have now been vaccinated and “PJ” will smile and nod and say how wonderful that is. Perhaps in a few months we can discuss how many people are sure or pretty sure that the triple threat (going on quadruple) “vaccine” has killed a relative or friend of theirs…and also how the in on it “doctors” are fighting the coroners who say a death was vaccine reaction related and the Big Pharma owned ‘doctors” screech NOOOO it was NOT!!!”. By the way, I don’t even trust the numbers much anymore especially if they come from a govt. connected site or a medical site that is in lock stp with the big pharma companies. – And @ Stanky – Yes people like Malone are now bane because they do not follow the prescribed line of bull so the nodding bobble-heads like PJ will not even read or listen to anything put out by them. Yep, full-on Stockholm syndrome.

      1. Save me from the people who would try to save me from myself? Fauci is now saying “today” that a 4th “booster” is probably needed… Are you kidding me? None of you vaccinated folks are seeing what is going on here? This is a big grift for God’s sake and the world’s biggest medical experiment with YOU as the lab rats.

  4. The 14th I called the EMT’s to take my mother to BroMenn rather than sit in the waiting area. I waited at home until the COVID test came back(neg). They admitted her and at about 7 pm they moved her from ER to a room. She got there around 10:30 am. When I left at about 8:30 pm I walked thru the ER waiting area closest to where I was parked and I mean it was full and people standing.
    In some ways I blame the medical community also of spreading it. When I got to ER the doors to my mothers ER area were wide open. Pray tell who all went by with COVID. Has anyone seen the make shift area in BroMenn’s ER waiting area supposedly to hold suspect COVID patient’s? What a JOKE! Ever notice they have no portable room air cleaners with UV lights? My dentist has those in his office everywhere.
    My uncle seems to think people are so (mainstream media influenced) scarred with a slightest sniffle or runny nose they go to ER.
    For about every opinion on COVID you can find some “expert” to back what your opinion is it seems like
    Doing a mandate was the wrong thing.
    I have asked this question before. With all the unvaccinated in the USA why no new variant(s)? Makes you wonder if someone is making those and releasing them.
    Not much movement on finding how this started it seems. From bats, I doubt that very much.

    1. It’s an engineered virus funded by Fauci with your money. Now he is the salesman for the cure… I can’t believe people are dumb enough to fall for this? Sign me up for the 4th booster of an experimental MRNA genetic experiment on 4.5 billion people? No thanks, I continue in the control group.

      “NIH admits Fauci lied about funding Wuhan gain-of-function experiments”

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