Trust government? Explain this

By: Diane Benjamin

Follow the money.

The link to the information below is available from the McLean County Health Department website. Clicking on the COVID-19 Vaccine tab takes you to the IDPH website – Illinois Department of Public Health.

I have been tracking breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths in Illinois which proves the vaccinated can still get COVID, get very sick, and even die. Available data does not include the vaccinated who still got COVID but didn’t get sick enough to be hospitalized.

Despite proof the below is NOT true, this statement is still on the IDPH website:

The above is available about 2/3 of the way down the page. Keep reading, there is more misinformation below this.

IDPH started tracking breakthrough cases 8 months ago. That is plenty of time to update the website.

Information on the IDPH website contradicts information on the CDC website – Center for Disease control:

MAY make symptoms less severe?—part-v-the-secret-revealed/article_9a37d9a8-1fb2-11ec-a94b-47343582647b.html









3 thoughts on “Trust government? Explain this

  1. Trust is the bottom line. It is gone and once trust is lost it is very hard to get back.

    Fauci can’t be trusted because of his own words. Telling everyone that disagrees with you that you don’t know science doesn’t work any more. Biden should ask him to step down for the good of the country.
    Big Pharma, CDC, WHO, Local Health Boards – ALL not trusted.

    Biden should openly employ doctors like Bhattacharya, Atlas, Malone, and others. He should affirm the use of other medicines known to help. He should affirm what is known about natural immunity and younger people’s resistance to the virus. He should affirm the limitations and harm of masking children. He should affirm the good work of Trump, Desantis and others.

    Biden won’t do these things because he wants to protect his political worth rather than protect America.

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