Censorship: WordPress vrs BlnNews

I’ve been with WordPress since 2012. WordPress prides itself on customer service and has always responded quickly every time I contacted them. They call their support staff Happiness Engineers. They have ALWAYS sent a 1 click survey to see if their customers were happy with the Happiness Engineers assistance.

Note: When this site was restored yesterday I did not receive the 1 click survey.

I received no response to the first 3 messages I sent, the site was restored within a 15 minutes of the 4th message. I was never told what story violated their standards.

More background: I totally expected this site to be taken down eventually because we don’t live in an America anymore where MORE speech is a good thing. Free speech allows all of us to make better decisions, those who live in a bubble and refuse to hear the thoughts of others are doomed to stay in their bubble and miss the real world.

Yes, we have two Americas. Recent polling shows consumers of conservative media are more informed than liberals on big issues: https://sbynews.com/2021/05/21/survey-finds-conservative-media-viewers-more-informed-than-liberals-on-important-topics/ We see that one everyday, the Rittenhouse verdict was just the latest obvious proof.

This is what appeared on the site Friday with no warning or notice:

There is nothing in their Terms of Service that was violated. There is one word that appeared in a story that will get the user banned or slapped with spreading misinformation on social media: Ivermectin

It was in this story, if you didn’t read to the bottom of the story you might have missed it: https://blnnews.com/2021/12/03/trust-government-explain-this/

India eradicated COVID with Ivermectin. Why did the media here reports numerous deaths but not the cure?

If this site disappears again, that statement is why.

Meanwhile, your friends and relatives deserve to be treated before they get very sick. Vaccinations don’t prevent sickness and death. Treatment would prevent many of the deaths, just like it did in India. How many people have to die before treatments are pushed instead of an experimental jab?

This is the message I received when the site was restored:

No, I wasn’t upset when the site was taken down because I’ve got friends who jumped in to help. I got the weekend off that allowed me to get the Christmas Tree up! The site will still be moved off WordPress.

It was lots of fun seeing messages and posts from the celebrating left. There is a lot of hate speech out there. They don’t know I’ve been contacted by readers over the years that used to disagree with me, but now agree more often than not. I don’t expect people to agree all the time, I expect them to think. Comments that attack me personally aren’t posted. Anyone willing to have a conversation is welcome, don’t copy your points from the left wing media. Think for yourself.

What was in the 4th message I sent? I asked them if they want people to die because treatment information is banned.








6 thoughts on “Censorship: WordPress vrs BlnNews

  1. Great post Diane. Now if people would make their own stickers, “Ivermectin Cures Covid” and sticks them all over the place like those “Biden Did That” stickers we’d really get the word out there. Regards.

  2. Sorry you were not “censored”. WordPress is a private company which can decide what is appropriate on its platform. It’s ironic that you want to ban books that you don’t approve of and ban and block anyone who disagrees with your worldview. What did you say about censorship??? I guess it only applies to you.

    I bet anything that you will delete this piece of information. Ivermectin has not been shown to be effective against the virus. It is an anti parasitic used to eradicate intestinal worms not to treat a virus. There has been no scientific double blind studies that prove Ivermectin works on viruses, in fact the opposite is true, the anti parasitic is useless against the virus.

    India has enforced universal masking with heavy fines for those who don’t mask. Simple consistent mask wearing is at the root of India’s drop in COV-19.

    1. Thanks for proving facts don’t matter. I have friends from India, their parents still live there. Try getting news from real media next time.. I want books banned? You mean pornography in schools? I guess you missed the lady reading from one of the books at a school board meeting. It wasn’t for kids or anybody else but perverts. I never said ban, rate them X and only let kids of age check them out.

  3. @ Elizabeth Casey: Can you point me to the scientific double blind studies that show masks work? Wait, is that one mask? No, maybe two masks? Wait, no masks? Just a minute, maybe one mask? Is that a cloth mask, an N-95 mask, or only masks that come from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson?
    Speaking of scientific double blind studies, can you point me to the studies that show the “vaccine” makes one immune to COVID-19, will prevent one from dying of COVID-19, will not allow a fully “vaccinated” person to transmit COVID-19?
    Which scientific double blind studies show that if you are 6 feet or further away will prevent the spread of COVID-19; now wait, was that 3 feet; or yet again was that within 3 feet for more than 15 minutes?

    Here’s a term you may want to consider: “Mandemic”

    And on the subject of reading material in schools, why aren’t we providing copies of Playboy, Hustler, Easy Rider, or name your favorite piece of literature in the schools? It’s all just literature….right? If we cannot put them in the library, we should at least make them available in the restrooms. The one benefit in that is that the kids wouldn’t at least be sitting in the classrooms taking in their daily dose of indoctrination. Hmmmmm…..I wonder how soon Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson will just come up with the indoctrination jab. I sure do hope they have scientific double blind studies for that as you would be a great candidate for the placebo jab.

    Welcome back Diane!

  4. @Elizabeth Casey in Regina poorly done disguise attempt. Oh my gosh woman your complete lack of noticing the reality of what really goes on in the world continues to astound me.

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