WordPress canceled this site’s suspension after I sent a 4th note. The suspension was lifted in response to the first note I sent Friday.

The 4th note didn’t ask for an explanation, details tomorrow. I will be on Cities 92.9 after the 7:00 am news.

This isn’t over!

( Sorry to all the haters out there, you lose )

19 thoughts on “Un-Suspended

  1. Glad you are back!!!

    WordPress can go to hell. I sure hope there are some other blog builder sites that don’t engage in such censorship. If this is the kind of writing they are concerned about it must mean that they REALLY have to go searching for things to be offended about.

  2. Good. They are attempting to cancel your/our freedom of speech.
    Wordpress wants to muzzle us behind the bars of political doctrine by their own self granted authority.

    No matter what side of issues any of us are on, this should be an impermissible outrage.
    Those of us who are not outraged are a useful cog in their machine until the day comes that they are muzzled too.

  3. I was disappointed to see all the people celebrating on WGLT that you got cancelled. At least it identified a bunch of people who believe censorship of government criticism is the answer.

  4. Just listened to you on 92.9 so glad to hear you stand up for what is right. Thank you for all that that you do. Word press should be ashamed of what they did. Bob Werkman

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  5. Great to have you back Diane. I knew I liked BLNNews but did not realize how much I learned until it was gone. May God bless you as you do this work.

  6. People like Justin Boyd and Mike McCurdy is part of the reason I left BN. Always sticking their noses in every issue whether they know anything about it or not. Both carpetbagging frauds. Poster boys that did their best to prevent real economic development. Rachel Lund is a self-sdmitted Communist.

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