Seriously WordPress?

I have two Council meetings to report on plus Normal’s Work Session, but I have to take a detour for what I received from WordPress this morning. The meetings will be spread out over several days, there is a lot to cover.

If I had been able to post on Saturday, the “days in a row” might have been in the thousands instead of 3 since in almost 10 years I haven’t skipped many days.

Saturday I wasn’t able to post anything because these clowns had the site suspended. I’ve never received one of these messages before, maybe they want me to think the suspension was all my imagination.

If you missed the story:

Some days you just have to laugh! After watching hours of local festivities, I needed a good one. After watching Normal’s Council meeting, I know I would have been in jail if I had attended in person. It was that bad. Stay tuned.

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