Normal’s Work Session: Lack of Transparency

By: Diane Benjamin

At 5:30 last night Normal held a Work Session so the “professionals staff” could tell the Council how the American Rescue Funds should/could be spent – $10,879,113 over 2 years. Half has already been received. None of that money is in the current budget, at least some will be in next year’s budget.

Pam Reece started the meeting by holding up 3 documents the Trustees had in front of them. Citizens don’t get to see them however, they aren’t on line. Transparent? Keep in mind that almost $11 million is money the Feds printed and enslaved future generations to debt. Adding to the money supply makes every dollar worth less. Basic economics!

Add in other bad polices and it’s easy to see why inflation is high. I wonder how the Town will pay the Cost of Living increase for employees?

Below are screen shots from Reece’s presentation:

The recommendations spend all but $1,545,133. Some of the spending is obviously political, see if you can spot it.

The discussion by the Council starts around 35:00. I will be commenting more in the future, right now you can listen for yourself. Just hit play:

6 thoughts on “Normal’s Work Session: Lack of Transparency

  1. Surely the underpass qualifies in all of this somewhere. More masked people on the trial due to COVID could easily be understood as behavioral health program support.


  2. Much of the money is to be given out to pay their their cronies: Connect Transit, CIRBN, Art non-for-profits and Chemberly Cummings state rep campaign run. Little is going to actually fix the long neglected problems.


    1. It should reveal to all of us what this Pandemic is all about. It’s social engineering and a redistribution of finances to fund liberal government pet projects. How in the word does Connect Transit qualify for $200,000 in all of this? Ponder that question long and hard and hopefully we’ll all see the problems with all of this and the government ponzi scam of COVID.

      The worst part of all of this is that we’ve done this to ourselves.

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  3. Pam Reece wants to give Connect Transit an additional $200k of Normal resident’s money each year in perpetuity (forever) with zero accountability for how they use it. There is no requirement to update the ignored IGA which the Connect to future workgroup recommended.

    Government waste is constantly rewarded with more taxpayer money. It sickens me that some local politicians have no spine to honor their campaign promises to be responsible fiscal stewards if elected.

    Another consequence of elections.

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