Is Normal playing politics?

By: Diane Benjamin

The Town of Normal is getting almost $11 million in American Rescue Funds over 2 years.

Remember this slide from the Town of Normal Work Session on spending the windfall?

See the $3.5 million for the Savannah Green neighborhood. I have a map of that area below, but first you need some facts.

Every fall the Town publishes the 5 year Community Investment Plan which contains the Town’s “Wish List” of spending. Every item is rated as critical, important, flexible, or completed/underway. You can see the current plan here:

One would think wanting to spend $3.5 million in one neighborhood must mean the roads would be on the Community Investment Plan and listed as critical!

You would be wrong!

I searched many of the roads in Savannah Green, Shelbourne is only listed here:

All of the roads marked MIA are “missing in action” – they are not in the Community Investment Plan. This area did have a lot of patching done this year however – see this link:—GM-Resolution—Map-x

Close up view:

One more thing you need to know, the Town of Normal only spent $1,730,000 on resurfacing for the entire Town this year:

PDF page 73

So why does Pam Reece want $3.5 million for one neighborhood? Maybe because Chemberly Cummings lives there? Is she running for State Rep again and planning to use this “bringing home the bacon” for her campaign?

Why else would the roads in her neighborhood be extensively patched this year and completely torn up soon?

Below is a map of the streets, I didn’t have to look up every one to know none of them are included in the Community Investment Plan. Kathleen Lorenz can’t wait for the CIP document every year. She is MIA too. She evidently didn’t notice the spending in Cumming’s neighborhood isn’t listed anywhere in the document.

6 thoughts on “Is Normal playing politics?

  1. I lived in Savanah Green and my ex wife still lives there. I will say the alley ways are terrible. Concrete is rising and sinking all over the place and has been in need of repair for years even though the subdivision is only 20 years old


  2. No worries. Only bike lanes will be needed in 2030 and grass for people to walk on with mud for their toes to enjoy. That’s how we think. And you will be happy.

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  3. I expect RINOs Preston and Lorenz to give Cummings campaign fodder on the taxpayers dime. Hell they gave her tax money for her Youth on a Mission lobbying training. I wonder what left wing program are we paying them to push?

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  4. Is Normal playing politics?????
    Is the pope Catholic?
    Are fire engines red?
    Is Illinois a blue state?
    Is rain wet?
    Can fish swim?
    Do birds fly?
    Does Koos own a bike shop?

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