Bloomington 8/8/2022

By: Diane Benjamin Packet: The City will be spending $5,220,438.92 on general street resurfacing. Of course that isn’t nearly enough to even begin catching up. See PDF page 245 and following for a list of streets. Bills and Payroll: Number of employees is now 947. The meeting looks pretty boring. Maybe somebody can liven […]

Is Normal playing politics?

By: Diane Benjamin The Town of Normal is getting almost $11 million in American Rescue Funds over 2 years. Remember this slide from the Town of Normal Work Session on spending the windfall? See the $3.5 million for the Savannah Green neighborhood. I have a map of that area below, but first you need […]

Update: Figure this one out: resurfacing

Former alderman Jim Fruin lives on Thornwood. By:  Diane Benjamin I received this email today: Diane, we live on Thornwood lane which is a 1 block street off Airport Road in Hawthorne Hills.  The street has been on the city’s schedule for repaving last year and now this year.  It was never done last year, […]

Bloomington’s Resurface $$$ History

By: Diane Benjamin Back in 2015 I did a story with this screen shot from the City website: Who was Mayor in 2000 when ZERO was spent on roads? Judy Markowitz. Mike Matejka was on the Council, and Tom Hamilton was City Manager. Minutes are not available on the City website. Of course the […]

What Roads are getting resurfaced in Bloomington?

By:  Diane Benjamin Jim Karch has posted a list of the streets that are going to be resurfaced in the new budget.  You can see a map and the list here: Get ready for a shock – Hershey isn’t on list.  Neither is Prospect which is getting as bad as Hershey. Most of […]

Attacking the poor in Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin Tonight Normal may prove government destroys affordable housing. On the agenda is mandatory recycling for all multi-family housing.  Non-compliance fines are $100 per day!  Who MUST recycle: Attacking the poor is so easy when ideology rules over common sense.  Affordable housing will become even less affordable.  Where is the League of […]

How much THEFT can you take?

By:  Diane Benjamin Now for the meat of tonight’s Bloomington City Council meeting!  Finally we have arrived at the tax increases. Solid Waste – AGAIN!   PDF page 130 The Council will get a choice – all of them cost you more: Ordinance 1: “High Service Level, High Fee Increases” Ordinance 2: “Medium Service Level, […]

If demand mattered, the roads would get fixed!

By:  Diane Benjamin Only a tiny group of citizens want bike lanes.  Tari Renner ran for office twice pledging to fix the roads.  He obviously isn’t as serious as the people with damaged vehicles are. This is from 2015: The table shows how much money per year is required just to have TERRIBLE STREETS. […]