Bloomington 8/8/2022

By: Diane Benjamin


The City will be spending $5,220,438.92 on general street resurfacing. Of course that isn’t nearly enough to even begin catching up. See PDF page 245 and following for a list of streets.

Bills and Payroll:

Number of employees is now 947.

The meeting looks pretty boring. Maybe somebody can liven it up!

So who is ready to run for Council – Wards 2, 4, 6, and 8 are up for election. Packets available soon.

Rumor is that the FAKE Republican Josh Barnett will be running in 8. He was going to run 4 years ago but decided not to run against fellow nut job Jeff Crabill. FYI: Barnett was never a Republican. Too bad the local GOP abolished the accountability committee. Barnett was one of the reasons it was needed.

Anybody think holding local elections so soon after national elections is on purpose to suppress the local vote? Of course it is. School Board will be on next April’s ballot too.






3 thoughts on “Bloomington 8/8/2022

  1. Hopefully Wards 4, 6, & 8 will have good candidates running, and not democrats who call themselves Republican, OR more leftist progressive marxists.

  2. Not sure if ward 5 is being properly being represented at this point. Tim Gleason influencing council persons?

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