More BCPA event reports

By: Diane Benjamin

No recent reports have been posted to the website, I had to FOIA them again. Why is the City of Bloomington hiding this information?

Better sit down. Two events made money, overall loss however: $17,431.46

No events happened in June, July, and August. The City switches to billing taxpayers for downtown outdoor entertainment instead. (Most are $100 each)

Salaries, benefits, building maintenance, etc aren’t included in that loss. You can view the reports by clicking on them, they don’t have to be downloaded.


Profit: $17,110.86. 667 attended

Performance Fee:

Profit: $7,110.86


Profit: $3,791.47. 262 attended

Performance Fee:

Loss: $8,958.53


Profit: $5,808.00. 260 attended

Performance Fee:

Loss: $13,692.00


Profit: $1,582.75. 592 attended

Performance Fee:

Loss: $6,917.25


Profit: $17,393.21. 539 attended

Performance Fee:

Another profit! $8,393.21


Profit: $6,632.25. 418 attended

Performance Fee:

Loss: $3,367.75






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  1. They don’t care. They will just continue to waste taxpayer money so the elites can be entertained.

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